‘I can still keep some things to myself that are sacred’

Julianne Hough on sensory pleasures, self-confidence and working with her therapist to set priorities for herself.  (Photo: Getty; designed by Quinn Lemmers)

Julianne Hough on sensory pleasures, self-confidence and working with her therapist to set priorities for herself. (Photo: Getty; designed by Quinn Lemmers)

The Unwind is a Yahoo Life welfare series in which experts, influencers and celebrities share their approaches to wellness and mental healthfrom rituals of self-care to setting healthy boundaries to mantras that keep them afloat.

When Julianne Hough she talks about setting aside time for herself, she doesn’t pay in words. Dancer and actress – currently acting on Broadway POTUS – says for Yahoo Life’s The Unwind that she recently sat down with her therapist to break down everything that happens in her life, from spending time with loved ones through running her own business to trying to instill a little care for herself.

“We’ve broken it down into different percentages, like, what is the focus and priority of each of these things? And what is your ideal scenario?“Hough says.” And I think 90% of them have worked in the past. What I realized was, ooh, if I really focus on 10% a day on myself alone, it will set me up for another 10% for my friends and family, then 20% for my jobs and then 30% for my aspirations and creativity. So I kind of cut them into pieces so I could really afford and give myself the space allotted to take care of myself. When I’m in a good space, then everything else progresses. “

As for how she spends those 10% on herself, face it BIC Soleil EscapeThe new “Tickle Your Senses” campaign says she’s a big fan of soothing rituals and sensory experiences, which means you’ll find her using her lavender and eucalyptus-scented razor in the tub, between meditations or a sip of wine. Hough is a fan of silky smooth skin and has been shaving since he was 9 – “I started early”, he jokes trying to catch up with his older sisters and their beauty routines – and believes that it should not be seen as a job but as an opportunity to “nurture” ” myself.

“I’m really a big believer,‘ if I feel good, then I’ll present myself well, ’” the former said Dancing with the stars pro says.

Hough, 33, takes wellness, physical activity – exercise, dancing – and awareness rituals seriously all day long. Mornings begin with meditation or work on breathing or work on what she calls her “morning pages” – diary entries that help her “dispel her thoughts and have a clear mind by the end of the day”. The night, meanwhile, is for relaxing and “washing the day” by swimming.

“There’s a focus that goes into everything I do, to prepare me for the next day,” says the Emmy winner.

And then therapy follows. Although talking about things with a professional is a big part of her mental health priorities, Hough says she has worked to find a balance between over-sharing and over-conservation in terms of sharing her private life as someone in the public eye.

“I went from one extreme to the other, almost in the last few years,” she admits. At one extreme, I shared everything because I was like, oh man, if someone is going through the same experience, maybe sharing it will really help their experience or circumstances. And I feel like I’ve definitely given people an insight into something more about my private life than I think might be healthy for me. So then I kind of went to the extreme on the other side where it was like, I don’t share anything about my private life. “

Her goal now is to find a happy medium in which she can “share in a way that is universal for all, but still be able to keep some things to herself that are sacred.”

“I feel like I have to get there at this stage of my life,” she says. “It protects things that are important to me.” [knowing] that I don’t have to share everything, but also knowing that this would be really worth sharing and not being too filtered. [I’m] I am still authentic in my desire to share, because that is me – I love people. I love when I learn something and how curious I am; I’m like, ‘oh my God, I’d love to share that with you.’ So I still share a lot, but I definitely ruled in a little time. “

Hough is currently entering a new chapter in his life. “I’m in New York for the first time in my 30s,” she says of her Broadway debut POTUS. Although Tony’s recent co-host has performed since childhood, breaking into the Broadway scene – especially after a few years break from her “artwork” to focus on her jobs and other career opportunities – presents a challenge that has left her “humble and honored . “

“I feel like I’ve gained a whole new level of self-confidence – belonging – which I haven’t experienced in probably four or five years,” she says, adding that self-confidence as a performer is something that “comes in waves”.

“I don’t think you ever feel 100% confident from, say, starting your career until the end,” she notes. “I think you have moments where you feel super connected and confident, and then some days you feel like, ooh, I feel pretty nervous right now.

“Sometimes you’re bloated, sometimes you’re not that tall,” Hough adds. “And I think I’m moving to that climax again, which makes me really excited, because when I’m in this place, I want to create more and share more. And there’s an inner self-confidence that I don’t necessarily need people to accept me; you really want to when you don’t have that confidence.Now I’m just like, oh, I’m just doing myself and here I am and that’s it. “

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