I am a fashion expert, there are 12 trends that immediately make you look cheap and sticky

With trends constantly changing, it can be difficult to keep up with what is currently fashionable.

It turns out that there are some trends that will never work and just look a little cheap and messy.

Niki explained that there are trends that should be avoided at all costs


Niki explained that there are trends that should be avoided at all costsCredit: Youtube

Fashion expert Niki Sky found out which are some of these trends and explained why they are so bad.

Cheap design nonsense

Niki can’t get a designer look for less money, she explains that she understands when stores like Zara draw inspiration from designer runways, but when it’s a complete attempt, it can look pretty messy.

“That shouldn’t be acceptable,” Nicky said.

False eyelashes

Niki says she would love for this trend to “just die” because she explained why she hates them so much.

It doesn’t matter if you buy your lashes in strips or add them to a professional, they are all awful for a fashion lover.

Niki recommended lifting lashes more naturally, rather than wearing fake lashes, as a less sticky alternative.

Bad fake complexion

“I’m in favor of tanning without the sun,” Niki admitted, “I like to have a beautiful complexion and radiance all year round,” adding that she used a fake complexion herself.

You need to take the time to learn how to apply a fake complexion well, she says.

Otherwise, you risk not only looking like an oompa loompa, but also really cheap.


Niki says that sequins “try to make you look really immature and much younger than you are, and not in a good way”.

She adds, “If you’re out of school, you should probably end the whole glitter trend.”

Mainia logo

“It looks really distasteful and screams for attention, but not in the best possible way,” says Niki.

She adds that covering your body in clothes with the same logo pasted everywhere looks “really unoriginal”, even if it is a fancy brand, wearing the logo from head to toe is not chic.

Niki admitted that she wore colored contacts when she was younger, but now she thinks they fall into the category of cheap and sticky.

If you want to experiment with a different eye color, “there’s always Halloween,” she says.

Combed hair

Teasing the roots is a great way to get extra volume in your hair, but overuse can seem “really messy and naughty,” says Niki.

“If you’re one of those people who tends to tease your roots, calm down, take a cooling pill,” Niki said.

She added: “I think it’s a really old person.”

Socks with sandals

This is something that most people probably agree with, although it may be comfortable, it just isn’t the best look.

Nicky says wearing socks with sandals or flat models on the catwalk “can look super cute and elegant, but in real life most people can’t get it.”

Lip concealer

“I am really surprised to see that this trend is still present today,” says the fashion professional.

It doesn’t even have to be a real concealer, but a lip color that is the same color as your skin.

“I think it’s really embarrassing, that’s why you look bad,” Niki said.

Super tight clothes

Clothes you can barely breathe in big not for Niki.

When the clothes are too tight, you can see every bulge, she explained that it is not a flattering look and that it is “like in the 2000s”.

Too much gold jewelry

Nicky said, “When you start overdoing it and applying gold earrings and gold chains to the point that you can’t even see your neck anymore, then it looks very, very sticky.”

If you are a fan of gold jewelry, she explained that the key is “to be conservative with the pieces you choose and try to find balance.”

Fake nails

According to Niki, fake nails are not elegant.

Bright neon colors, gems and other dazzling designs look “not only sticky, but really raises the question of how things end,” Niki said.

According to the fashion guru, “crazy long or decorated” nails will never look as good as a shorter, simpler style.

Too much gold jewelry just looks messy, says a fashion lover


Too much gold jewelry just looks messy, says a fashion loverCredit: Youtube
According to Niki, excessive teasing of hair roots doesn’t look chic


Excessive teasing of the hair roots doesn’t look chic, Niki saysCredit: Youtube
The logo mania isn’t as elegant as you think, it’s actually super sticky


The logo mania isn’t as elegant as you think, it’s actually super stickyCredit: Youtube

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