How to change clothes and hairstyle

While some players will be satisfied with the default look of their characters Pokemon Brilliant Diamond i Pokemon Shining Pearl, others will no doubt want to adjust a little. Indeed, customization of characters is possible in these titles, because fans can change the clothes and hairstyles of their characters. For those Pokemon Brilliant Diamond i Pokemon Shining Pearl for players who are interested in making such changes, details on the process can be found below.


Updated February 15, 2022 by Renri Seong: As it is Pokemon the series has evolved, and so has the adaptation of the characters. Before Pokemon X / Y, players would be stuck with the default look of their main character. Now players can tweak their characters to make them different and more personal than others. While Brilliant diamond and shiny pearl is a bit more limited in the customization department, Lucas / Dawn’s wardrobe has expanded far from their default clothes in these Diamond / pearl remakes. This article has been updated to include the different clothes that can be purchased in the game.

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl: How to change clothes

To change clothes Pokemon Brilliant Diamond i Shining Pearl, players must first reach Veilstone City. For complete clarity, this city is a place where fans will meet the third leader of the Gym Leader, and it also houses the Metronome Style Shop.

In the original Diamond / pearl, Metronome Style Shop was home to the Veilstone Game Corner. Due to PEGI’s policy on games classified as 18+ if they have gambling, Game Corner has been replaced by a clothing store for Brilliant diamond / Shiny pearl.

Players can find the Metronome Style Shop just below Weilstone’s Pokemon Center, and that’s really the key to customizing the character. Look for a building with two Clefairy on the front.

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After locating the Metronome Style Shop, players should enter the building and interact with the NPC behind the counter. This action will give Pokemon BDSP fans have access to a dialog box that allows them to buy new clothes or change your current style. By selecting the first of these two options, players will come to a menu where they can purchase a number of different styles, each consisting of a set of clothes and hairstyle, while the second option is used to switch between styles they already own.

It is important that the styles work quite rigidly in these titles, and it is simply not possible for players to mix and match pieces of clothing and hairstyles to create their own unique clothes. Fortunately, the styles available are quite diverse, drawing inspiration from various Pokemon, seasons and more. Hopefully, this diversity will allow most fans to find clothes that they at least find helpful for their travels around the world. Pokemon Brilliant Diamond i Shining Pearl‘s Sinnoh region.

Another thing to mention is that there is a style that can’t be bought at the Metronome Style Shop. Specifically, it is Platinum Style and is available to players who purchase one of these two games before February 22, 2022. For those fans who meet this requirement, Platinum Style is accessed by heading to a TV station in Jubilife City and Unlock Mystery Gifts in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond i Shining Pearl.

All clothes in BDSP

The names of the “styles” are the same whether the players play like Lucas or Dawn. What is changing are the clothes and hairstyles themselves. Prices remain the same for both characters.

Outfit Name Price
Pikachu Hoodie Style 8,500 th most common
Overalls Style 21,000
Eevee Jacket Style 98,000
Gengar Jacket Style 98,000
Cyber ​​Style 45,000
Winter style 50,000
Spring Style 34,000
Casual Style 86,000
Leather jacket style 120,000
Platinum Style Mystery Gift available until 22.2.2022.

On your first visit to the Metronome Style Shop, it will be impossible to buy all the clothes. The prices themselves are quite high and only at the end of the road will the player have enough money to buy the action. However, Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl You have several different ways to quickly raise money. The easiest method is by road fight with rich coaches outside the Pokemon Mansion Road 212. It is located directly south of Hearthome City.

To get more money to buy clothes, have a Pokemon at the head of the party equipped with Amulet Coin. The Amulet Coin double amount of cash prize. Fight coaches with coach classes: Socialite, Gentleman, Lady and Rich Boy. Use VS Seeker to challenge them again. Enough battles with them should give players the money they need to procure all the clothing styles in the Metronome Style Shop.

Finally, NPCs and supporting characters BDSP will not comment on Lucas / Dawn’s change of clothes. There is also no reward for getting all the styles in the game. Whatever is in the Metronome Style Shop, all players can enter Brilliant diamond / Shiny pearl.

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond i Pokemon Shining Pearl are available for the Nintendo Switch.

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