Hot Charli & Dixie D’Amelio takes on the controversial Y2K fashion trends

Trends appear, fade, and return with revenge faster than most people can keep up. But when they do, one thing is for sure: everyone has their own opinion. In the Style Elite Daily series IMHO, we will serve you details, along with some not so modest opinions, about the viral style trends that illuminate the internet. Below, TikTokers and Social Tourists founders Charli and Dixie D’Amelio give their hot views on the controversial Y2K fashion trends.

Charli and Dixie D’Amelio are not just a moment, they are the future. With nearly 2 billion TikTok followers – and counting them all – together, these sisters are two of the most influential in Generation Z and millennial trends in multiple spaces, including social media, beauty, music and style. So when I had a chance to talk to them at their place Social Tourist pop-up shop in Los Angeles, I couldn’t miss the opportunity to ask trendsetters their hot views on the controversial Y2K fashion trends returning in 2022. Let’s say you won’t see them wearing revealed thongs anytime soon.

“I’m always down to try new things,” the 20-year-old said letter to me says singer Elite Daily at the celebration of the first anniversary of the fashion brand D’Amelios with Hollister. An 18-year-old Born Dreamer the founder echoes her sister’s feelings, saying the whole point of developing your style is “to have clothes you can look back on and say,‘ I wouldn’t do that anymore ’.” But there are more than a few looks in the pair. they just aren’t here.

Stick to your low-rise jeans as Charli and Dixie D’Amelio think about Y2K fashion trends returning to teen wardrobes.

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Low-rise jeans are currently getting the “love” of both Charlie and Dixie. But don’t worry about the fate of your alternative denim clothing. The favorite items of this couple in the latest issue of Social Tourist are high jeans. Charlie even admits to stealing his sister Highest Rise Baggy Heart Patch jeans ($ 80).

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Charli and Dixie are obsessed with matching kits, so it’s no wonder they’re professional tracksuits. According to Dixie, they are “easy,” which is why they love them so much.

The Terry Dad shirt ($ 40) and matching Tata Short The kits ($ 30) in their Social Tourist collection look like a summer version of a comfortable tracksuit that you can wear around the house or out while doing tasks.

Butterfly-shaped hair clips also seem to be there to stay, with some caveats. While Charlie is a fan and says that they are “cute”, Dixie admits that she would “break” them. Fortunately, you can find fairly cheap butterfly-shaped hair clips on the Internet, so they are easy to replace.

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This is perhaps one of the most controversial fashion trends that millennials will gladly abandon in the past. Of course, Britney Spears and Manny Santos from Degrassi: The next generation dominated the fashion trend of exposed thongs in the early 2000s, but do Charli and Dixie think it should return in 2022? “No,” Dixie replies quickly. “My underwear is for function, not fashion.”

Although Charlie agrees not to participate in the fashion trend of the exhibited items, she admits: “I feel it would be cool. I like the look of a bathing suit and wide, low-rise pants, you know? ”

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Cargo pants got “love” from Charlie and “yes” from Dixie, so you know they’re coming back. If you are looking for some OOTD inspo inspired by Y2K, Baggy Cargo ultra high rise jeans ($ 80) from Social Tourist will look super cute with one of crop tops ($ 25).

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Who could forget the legendary look of the dresses over jeans that Disney Channel stars like Ashley Tisdale and Miley Cyrus wore on the red carpet? The ensemble is so controversial that Charlie has a hard time deciding if she likes it. “No” is the first word out of her mouth, but then TickToker changes her mind, descending to “love.” For Dixie, however, it’s an automatic no, and she sticks to it.

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Raise your hand if you remember wearing useless thin scarves around your neck in the early 2000s. Lindsay Lohan, Hilary Duff, and even the Jonas Brothers were fans of thin scarves at one point, but Dixie won’t throw on a useless scarf before she comes out. “I’m going to have to say no,” she says. Although Charlie doesn’t admit to trying the Y2K trend, he says, “I feel that if you tie them cool, they can be cool.”

The Social Tourist pop-up shop in Los Angeles has opened on Melrose Avenue. For more information on the Charli and Dixie D’Amelios clothing brand, you can buy the latest from Social Tourist in stores and online now.

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