Host Laura Whitmore reveals that the villa in Mallorca has a very unique scent

Outside, the Island of Love UK The villa looks like a tropical haven in Mallorca with an infinity pool, sun-drenched terrace and panoramic views.

But host Laura Whitmore admitted this week that the villa’s interior has created a rather unique scent, thanks to young Islanders staying there over the summer.

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“It smells so bad!” she laughed at British comedian Alan Carr on his Life is a beach podcast, saying it stinks of “fake complexion, BO and makeup.”

“If you think about it… so many people, it starts with about 10 or 12, and then it goes on even longer.

The island of love in the UK is hosted by Laura Whitmore
Laura Whitmore has discovered that the villa has a unique scent. (ITV)

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“About 40 or 50 Islanders go through it all summer.

“And they’re like 18-year-olds – carpet, fake tan, makeup, BO Stinks!”

“It must smell like a child’s bedroom,” Alan laughed in response.

Laura confirmed that the rooms “smell like lynx Africa” ​​- a scent that is notoriously popular among teenagers.

Gallery of villas Love Island UK 2022
Laura said the fairy smells like ‘fake complexion and B.O.’. (ITV)

“You know when they’re trying to cover BO? It smells like that,” she laughed.

Laura said she couldn’t go to the Villa last year because of the Covid-19 protocol.

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But she added: “As soon as they left and the finale happened, my friends came to watch the show and we went in there.

“We had the right to rummage around a bit and it was gloomy!”

After filming Winter The island of love Season 6 in South Africa, the series returned to its usual sunny location Mallorca in Spain for the 7th season.

Season 8 followed that example, however it is set in a brand new villa.

The six-bedroom villa includes more seating space for islanders, conversation and progress in their relationships.

Iain Stirling and Laura Whitmore
Laura is married to the hilarious narrator of the series, Iain Stirling (left). (Instagram / @iaindoesjokes)

It also has an exercise area, a huge swimming pool, an outdoor kitchen, a make-up room and luxury bathrooms.

Meanwhile, Laura began leading the series in Season 6.

She is married to beloved series commentator Iain Stirling, and the couple welcomed their first child together – a daughter named Stevie Ré – in April 2021.

Listen to Laura’s entire interview at Life’s A Beach Podcast.

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Gallery of villas Love Island UK 2022

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