Hong Kong Fashion Designers Association 2022 FASHION META leads 70 local design units in Metaverse

Introducing the Immersive Experience ‘JuxstaVerse’

HONG KONG, June 16, 2022 / PRNewswire / – Organized by the Association of Fashion Designers of Hong Kong, and sponsored by Create Hong Kong (CreateHK), Juxtaposed 2022 FASHION META will be held in the space at Queen’s Road Central No. 59 from June 10-232022

Attending the grand opening of the day June 9, 2022 werand Mr. Victor Tsang, head of CreateHK; Ms. Jersey Yuen, Assistant Chief of CreateHK; Sir. Kevin Yeung, President of the Hong Kong Association of Fashion Designers; Sir. Walter Ma, Vice President of the Hong Kong Fashion Designers Association; Ma’am. Judy Mann, Honorary Advisor to the Hong Kong Fashion Designers Association; Ma’am. Janet CheungHKFDA project director Young Talent Award and Mrs. pretty cheungcurator Juxtaposed FASHION META 2022. At the same time, Young Talent Awards were presented to two young fashion designers Tiger Chung and Alex Tse.

Four exhibition zones

“Juxtaposed 2022 FASHION META” takes visitors on a journey through 4 themed exhibition zones, where 70 local fashion design units of different generations and styles will express their narratives of innovation and traditional craftsmanship.

These finely crafted installations are inspired by four cities, including HK, Shanghai, Seoul i Paris. Each exhibit reinterprets interesting contrasts between the cultural identities of these cities and the work itself. In addition to physical exhibits, we also offer a selection of virtual images to guide visitors through a synchronized VR fashion experience.

Pop-Up Shop and first hong kong designer NFT fashion collection

Visitors can order online at the pop-up shop to experience how the exhibition and online shopping seamlessly merge. Juxtaposed 2022 FASHION META also uses the latest encryption technology and works with Artify and BOAX to launch first hong kong designer NFT fashion collection. The stunning work of 12 local fashion designers will march into the global virtual market, seamlessly merging reality and virtuality.

Hong Kong the first impressive virtual fashion show

The occasion adopts state-of-the-art patented technology to host the city’s first 360-degree virtual fashion show at the exhibition site. Guests will dive between real exhibits and virtual space. Visitors will have their own virtual avatars generated in real time to “try out” wearable art pieces by various designers in the imaginative realm of “JuxtaVerse”.

SOURCE Hong Kong Fashion Designers Association

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