Holly Willoughby and Fearne Cotton ‘take steps to heal friendship’ after losing relationship

Holly Willoughby and Fearne Cotton are taking steps to heal their once close friendship, the source reports.

Famous friends met when they were just teenagers in the TV industry, and they worked closely with each other for years, but they drifted away from the friendship.

The famous blonde duo has split up, and their once seemingly unbreakable bond is disappearing as their careers have taken different paths.

Holly, 41, continues with the host This morning i Dancing on ice together with her partner in crime, Phillip Schofield, while Fearne focused on her successful podcast series – Happy Place.

The two successful media personalities have focused on their careers and family life, but apparently want to heal the rift in their friendship, according to an internal source, writes the Mirror.

Holly and Fearne used to be inseparable
Holly and Fearne used to be inseparable

Holly and Fearne are in contact more than ever after they rekindled their friendship. They parted ways over the years as their careers and lives took them in different directions, but now they have so much in common – connecting around juggling motherhood, their careers, and their mental health, “the insider said Closer.

“When they got in touch again, they both admitted guilt for the fact that they had been without checking on each other for so long, and it quickly felt like time had not passed. They were as close as ever,” they added.

Although the couple has now renewed their friendship, they seemed to have separated due to very different social lives.

As Holly famously enjoyed drunken dinners with her family This Morning, including Eamonna Holmes and Ruth Langsford, Fearne did not hesitate to admit that her social circle was ‘minimal’ compared to Holly’s – and she much preferred to be tucked away in bed until 22 hours. instead of drinking it.

However, when Holly feels ‘numb and wandering’ before she turned 40 last February, Fearne was one of the first friends she approached despite their rift.

“Fearne is the best friend you can look for because she has advice on almost every topic thanks to her podcast, and Holly sometimes feels like no one knows her better than Fearne,” the source revealed.

“They have so much in common language and history together and Holly relied on Fearne for self-help advice. It really helped that she understood the pressures of the TV industry. “

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