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The time I spend shopping, especially on Amazon, is, frankly, out of control. Tell me you didn’t find yourself aimlessly browsing the mega salesman at 2 a.m., waking up and discovering that you ordered a weird new sticky bra in your dream state. (Just me?) Aside from lingerie, there are a bunch of other amazing fashion inventions on Amazon – some that might even surprise you.

While you may be used to buying supplies on Amazon (home decorating, cheap beauty products, etc.), their clothing section isn’t for sleeping, friends. From in-house brands to global favorites – such as Levi’s Free People, Alo Yoga and more – there are more than a few style brands worth celebrating.

If you get to Amazon fashion section, a treat awaits you. Take about two hours (give or take) to review the many chic deals that are just waiting to be delivered on the same day by Amazon Prime. Need a new pair of jeans? Sweet lingerie? A tall mini dress for a night out? There is basically nothing but a huge e-tailer no to have.

In order to save you some time, I have prepared a guide for some of Bustle’s favorite brands on Amazon. Buy them now.

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For love and lemon

Looking for ethereal, feminine pieces to add to your summer wardrobe? Chances are good For love and lemon there will be something for you.



It doesn’t get much more classic than a good pair Levi’s. really, everyone they need to have something in their closet. I recommend the cult 501 jeans.


New balance

Amazon offers a range of trends New balance sneakers. I own them and can personally confirm their comfort supreme. They are my favorite sneakers for summer, spring and beyond.


Free People

While Free People known for its whimsical bricks and mortars, you can also buy unique pieces of the brand from your couch via Amazon.


The Drop

Exclusive brand on Amazon, The Drop contains a collection of trendy, influencer t-shirts that range from chic to comfortable. Their size also increases to 3X.



Yes, you can get it UGGs on ‘Zon’ – I fall for these chunky platform sandals. In addition to this lemon and lime color, they are available in the brand’s distinctive chestnut suede color.


The North Face

Personally, I love it The North Face offers a number of great plus-size options for larger bodies, such as mine.


Sweaty Betty

An active clothing brand of a favorite celebrity that started in a small London boutique, you can now buy Sweaty Betty on Amazon.


Lark & ​​Ro

Another Amazon brand, Lark & ​​Ro offers a ton of fantastic dresses and other sublime styles suitable for office, brunch and everything in between.


Lucky Brand

For great jeans, rustic blouses and bohemian dresses, plus cute shoes and everyday things, Lucky Brand it really has it all.


Calvin Klein

I didn’t know you could fight Calvins on the Amazon? Well, now you know. * Adds these Pride thongs to the stroller. *


Amazon Essentials

Amazon Essentials is another brand that has great clothes available in inclusive sizes. Nude up to 6X. (Cheers for that.)

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