Gemma Atkinson responds with a message of empowerment after being told that Gorka Marquez will ‘leave’ her

Gemma Atkinson responded with comments left on her Instagram posts as she gives her fans an insight into her workout routines at home. Fans of the hit radio host who follow her on social media will be accustomed to seeing her posts about exercise as well as other health and fitness matters.

And so things were no different last week, a few more clips of how she worked on her mind and body in her own gym and her fiancé Gorka Marquez at their home in Greater Manchester. In one video, Gemma could be seen in her exercise gear as she grappled with the weights.

She then moved on to lifting weights and spending time on a stationary bike. Along with the post, she wrote: “Never easy, but always worth it! Clips from today’s lower body session. Easier than usual because I have a little biting of my knee in an instant so I adjusted to what was comfortable and safe and trained.”

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The 37-year-old then added, “Ps. How wonderful little Norman looks,” referring to one of her beloved puppies who joined her. And the Strictly Come Dancing star couldn’t help but leave a cheeky message, writing, “I don’t know why, but I can’t stop looking at yours,” adding the peach emoticon.

Fans also commented quickly, asking Gemma about her routine, for advice and just generally welcoming her efforts. @ packsta74 said, “Your motivation is unreal!” @ stottyl4 commented, “Go girl … so I can exercise like you!” @ charchee21 added, “I like this, but I couldn’t help but look at Norman.”

Gemma came back with another shot a few days later as she grappled with the triceps rope before getting involved in the mat work, again with one of her adorable dogs. ” So far, my coordination, balance and energy are good and really gone, “she told her millions of followers.

Gemma regularly shares clips of her exercises

“Still, I did it! 1 minute in 20 minutes with my coach’s only note ‘Go Hard’. It can’t be a short and sweet Saturday sweat,” added the former Hollyoaks and Emmerdale star.

Again, Gemma was overwhelmed with messages, but not everyone was on the kind side, which led to the mother of one child retaliating when she was told she was working ‘to keep Gorka’, while another said cruelly, “Her guy will cheat to her if she stops training. “

Sharing a few messages in her Instagram Story, the Bury-born star responded, “We seem to be back a few decades back [face palm emoji]. “

Gemma shared an empowering message in response

She then added: “A note to anyone who starts a training / health regimen. Doing it for anyone but yourself is a preparation for failure. Do it for YOU! YOU deserve to feel your best. Turn off the noise and keep going. ”

Gemma has since returned to Instagram with a message and self-care that has hit her followers. I share a quote that read ‘Beware. You are the only one you have ‘, she added: Take care of yourself ?? At Monday?? But we have too much to do!… JUST !!

“That’s why it’s important to be in a good mood to do it all. If everyone and everything around you is at peace while you’re in pieces, something is wrong. Taking care of yourself is not selfish, it’s necessary.”


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