Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom Trailer: Finest & Weirdest Theories

Link flies on an aircraft surrounded by magic in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, formerly known as Breath of the Wild 2, or BOTW 2, for the Nintendo Switch.

Screenshot: Nintendo / Kotaku

With info on the sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild as uncommon as Coccu’s enamel, each snippet or trailer is pored over, torn aside, and minutely inspected by avid followers, like conspiracists decoding the newest Q-drop. Listed below are a few of our favourite fan-theories from yesterday’s new trailer, together with the title reveal, Tears of the Kingdom.

Typically, folks’s theories of discoveries hidden throughout the meager particulars Nintendo launch are primarily based on wishful considering, vivid imagining, or outright silliness. Nevertheless it’s all the time fascinating to look over them, hoping to identify the nugget of fact, and the odd few concocted with eagle eyes. Right here’s the trailer, completely filled with little particulars, glyphs and different fan-baiting detritus, so that you can forensically dissect.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom – Coming Might twelfth, 2023 – Nintendo Change

My favorites are all the time the jpegs coated in purple circles and features, which seem like they’re going to conclude with proof of a shooter on the grassy knoll. (Think about your individual Charlie in At all times Sunny gif right here.) Right here’s a mighty high quality one from Reddit consumer WhatWasThatHowl, which purports to show a number of crossovers with Twilight Princess, particularly the existence of Twilis and their Twilight Realm.

Lots of people are assuming the title says “Tears” as in crying, however what if it’s “Tears” as in rips in actuality? It’s price figuring out that the primary Breath of the Wild closely featured ruins from a prehistoric tribe known as the Zonai, although the sport by no means actually defined any of it. And in an earlier Tears of the Kingdom trailer, Zelda suggests the timelines are being mixed. So, the poster above speculates that since this new trailer is now exhibiting off the identical historic ruins and connecting them to the Twili from Twilight Princess, then it follows that the Zonai are descended from them. The place’s my purple string?

After all, when you begin digging into Zelda timelines, a migraine isn’t distant. We all know there are three separate ones extant at this level, every having cut up from Ocarina of Time; the so-called “Grownup Timeline,” “Little one Timeline,” and contradiction-restoring “Fallen Hero Timeline.” Or, as I prefer to put it, “They simply began random tales with the identical characters, after which tried to retrospectively pressure it into some form of sense.” Anyway, none of this issues an excessive amount of, on condition that the official The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – Making a Champion e book states that, in response to the Zelda Fandom web site, “all the pieces earlier than the Breath of the Wild backstory has light into fantasy.”

Reddit consumer Lentoron managed to seek out the situation of a scene from TofK’s trailer within the authentic BotW, confirming the sport is about at the very least partly on the identical map.

However in fact we additionally know that the sequel will characteristic numerous sky-based antics, with floating islands and Hyperlink having the ability to glide about between them, Inexperienced Goblin-style.

Isac Morandin on Twitter scoured the background particulars of the trailer particularly fastidiously, and noticed this unusual inexperienced swirly-whirly patterns poking up from the bottom in varied locations.

My principle: these will probably be launch pads, that when stepped into will fling Hyperlink up into the air, for him to them paraglide to the brand new areas above. We in reality noticed one thing related in 2021’s trailer, the place Hyperlink turns right into a droplet and floats upward (seemingly in reverse?).

You’ve additionally received lots of people recognizing the brand new machine on Hyperlink’s hip:

Link crouched on a platform, with a strange new device on his hip.

Illustration: Nintendo / Kotaku

The most well-liked principle on-line is that that is to comprise these tears, the dominion ones. Which might in fact slightly put the kibosh on that “rip/tears” principle. (Which by no means labored anyway, for the reason that Japanese title makes use of 淚, that means crying tears.) Through the trailer you see the identical object, however solely half-full.

And speaking of tears, kudos to IntentStudios on Reddit for this “Oh yeah!” second:

In additional wishful considering territory are varied theories that try and match obscure shapes or twisty patterns with absolutely anything from the historical past of the franchise. At this level it’s principally a Rorschach take a look at that claims extra concerning the poster than the self-esteem. Right here, as an example, is the determined hope {that a} barely seen blur (that’s probably one of many platforms Hyperlink surfs elsewhere within the trailer) is perhaps one of many scrapped ideas for a Divine Beast from BotW.

Others counsel a dragon, however, y’know, it’s in all probability only a platform.

Zelda rides a floaty platform thing, high above Hyrule.

Screenshot: Nintendo / Switchlifebr / Kotaku

Now, this one I’m down for. The last word crossover. I’m sure that is proper:

And to complete, this isn’t a principle, but it surely’s too stunning to not sneak in. Twitter consumer and pixel artist Kaimatten someway generated this murals, primarily based on the sport’s cowl artwork, just some hours later:

Make sure that to press play, as a result of as attractive as it’s nonetheless, it’s one thing else when animated.

We’re nonetheless additionally attempting to determine out if maybe we’ll get to play as dry daddy Ganon or if we’ll lastly run round as Zelda, however I’m positive it’s essential to have your individual cockamamy theories to share. Stick ‘em within the feedback beneath.


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