Star Wars Galaxies revival approaches 1.0 with a ‘secretive Jedi unlock system’

Star Wars Galaxies was a 2003 MMO that, within the phrases of Chris Thursten, nearly modified the world. It let gamers take jobs and discover locations for themselves within the Star Wars universe, whether or not they needed to be merchants, smugglers, bounty hunters, entertainers, or all kinds of different choices. It did not final, closing down in 2011 after a sequence of disastrous patches, revamps, and alterations.

Nevertheless, and also you knew there can be a nonetheless, its followers will not let it die. A number of revivals emphasizing totally different facets and eras of Star Wars Galaxies exist, together with Star Wars Galaxies Restoration (opens in new tab), which has been in a type of early entry since Could of 2021. SWG Restoration is about imagining what might need been if Galaxies had continued improvement, incorporating the space-travel growth Bounce to Lightspeed and components of the New Sport Enhancement patch, whereas letting gamers construct distinctive characters utilizing 32 talent timber, discovered their very own cities, adorn homes, be part of factions, and go to locations like Naboo, Kashyyyk, and Tatooine. 

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