From Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Deepike Padukone to Virat Kohli, these celebrities have invested in startups

India has the third largest startup ecosystem 100 unicornswith angel investors, venture capital companies, HNIs (individuals with high net worth) and industrialists actively investing in these emerging startups.

Ever since the announcement of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Fr. ‘Make in India’, the startup ecosystem of this country has found support from all over the world. This includes large corporations that have increased foreign direct investment (FDI) in the country.

B-Town celebrities and cricketers have also joined the club in recent years and embarked on India’s startup ecosystem. In addition to being brand ambassadors, these celebrities have started betting on startups in various sectors, and some of them have turned from investors into entrepreneurs.

Here is a list of celebrities who have invested in various fields such as femtech, nutrition and sports, and who are part of the story of India’s growth:

Deepika Padukone

Actress Deepika Padukone has invested in femtech startup Nua

Femtech startup based in Mumbai New raised $ 7.1 million from the actor Deepika Padukone and other investors in 2021.

Founded by Ravi Ramachandran, Projjol Banerjea and Swathi Kulkarni 2016 wellness brand D2C (direct to-consumer) offers a range of products for women, including sanitary pads, intimate washing, panty pads, etc.

Nua offers a subscription service where subscribers can specify the date of their last cycle and the interval between two cycles to ensure that women receive their custom box of pads before the start of their next period.

Using her lively online community and clients, Nua claims to focus on challenging taboos around menstruation.

The startup said that Deepika Padukone will work closely with Nu on the idea and creation of a wellness solution.

Virat Kohli

Cricket player Virat Kohli invested an undisclosed amount in Delhi Rage Coffee in 2019

Founded by Bharat Sethi in 2019, Rage Coffee is a D2C brand that produces and offers a range of vitamin, vegan instant coffee flavors.

The products are sold through leading online platforms, our own website and over 1000 offline contact points through a network of distributors.

Rage Coffee claims that beans and other raw materials for packaging come from various places in India and the world, including Indonesia, Firozabad, Chikkamagaluru, etc.

It offers dark chocolate, Deters butterscotch, Chai Latte, Irish hazelnut, Sparky Orange and several other flavors in the instant coffee range.

Bharat said: “His investment has added a lot of value to the brand, given that the values, ethos and identity of the brand are aligned and in line with Virat Kohli. It is very fulfilling to know someone as good and healthy as Virat, who believes in Rage’s quality and promise. Such cooperation increases trust and reliability in the brand’s products, enabling them to break through the clutter of traditional competition. ”

“If the exploitation is done properly and the partnership is mutually coordinated by both parties involved, then the secure partnership is much deeper, the vision is properly shared and growth is well planned,” Bharat said. Your story in earlier interaction.

The startup claims to have grown 500 percent over the previous year in fiscal 2021-22.

Anushka Sharma

Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli supported Brue Tribe Foods | Image Credit: Viral Bhayani’s Instagram

Based in Mumbai Blue Tribe Foodsfounded by Nikki Arora Sigh i Sandeep Singh In 2019, it offers meat products of plant origin that allow consumers to enjoy meat without sacrificing taste.

The products are made from soy, cereals, peas, lentils and other vegetarian ingredients that mechanically extract vitamins, proteins and other nutrients.

Blue Tribe products are intended for non-vegetarians who want to switch to environmentally friendly and healthier products without compromising the taste of their favorite dishes.

Blue Tribe sells on a number of channels, from D2C to retail outlets and fast stores such as Swiggy, Instamart and Blinkit. The products are currently available in over 600 retail and HORECA outlets in the country.

In February 2022, the Blue Tribe joined the actress Anushka Sharma and her husband, a cricketer Virat Kohlias brand ambassadors and investors.

“Virat and Anuska are a cult couple and the partnership with them helped create a great awareness of this category, something that could organically take years to build. They are also synonymous with a plant-based lifestyle and provide consumers with more self-confidence as they switch to a plant-based diet, ”said Sohil Wazir, CCO, Blue Tribe.

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

Headquartered in Bengaluru Possible is a nutrition company that helps people eat healthily, manage lifestyle diseases and lose weight through a combination of professional nutrition trainers and nutrient-rich superfoods.

In January 2021, a startup was launched 5 million Rs by Aishwarya Rai Bachchan as part of his Pre-Series B funding round.

It was founded by fellow McKinsey Vishnu Saraf i Megha More in 2015, her diet plans include a personal nutrition trainer, a set of superfoods per month, scientific analysis and video tutorials. These services are available

via the application.

The startup offers over 70 formulated healthy superfoods and connects users with more than 100 qualified nutrition coaches to help them maintain a proper diet and live a disease-free life.

It is possible that superfoods were developed using healthy ingredients such as moringa, millet and spirulina, among others, and that they are procured all over the world.

Varun Dhawan

Bollywood actor Varun Dhawan has invested in Fast & Up

Bollywood actor Varun Dhawan has invested in Mumbai Fast & Up, which meets the needs for sports performance and intelligent dietary supplements for an active lifestyle. It also offers multivitamin drinks and dietary supplements.

Founded by Vijayaraghavan Venugopal and Varun Khanna In 2015, the startup was also supported by some of the best athletes in the country, including Indian cricketers Mayank Agarwal and Priya Puniaand world boxing champion L Sarita Devi.

The six-year-old startup grew rapidly, reaching over 100 million people a month. It introduced 20 new products in 2020 and witnessed a 100 percent increase in sales in fiscal 2021-22.

Fast & Up aims to take care of the overall health of the entire Indian family through its core belief in an intelligent diet that is confirmed by informed choice.

In December 2021, the startup raised an unpublished round of funding from actor Varun Dhawan to improve production capabilities, global expansion and product research to add new categories.

The startup intends to become global and is already in the process of strengthening.

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