Low-Sugar Keto Cranberry Sauce

A healthy version of the traditional cranberry sauce

I love blueberries, not just for the flavor, but for the deep, rich nutrients they contain. Some studies even suggest that, among other berries, cranberries are a great dietary source of bioactive compounds (BACs), which may support heart health and reduce the risk of urinary tract infections. (1,two,3).

But cranberries can also be high in carbs, and cranberry sauce in particular is typically sweetened with a lot of sugar, making it a food to avoid on any keto diet. Fortunately, with the right portions and a few ingredient changes, you can still enjoy this sweet, nutrient-dense berry with your keto Thanksgiving meal (or any Thanksgiving meal).

There are two secrets in this recipe:

1. Orange juice. Believe it or not, the acid in the orange brightens and balances the bitterness of all the other ingredients and adds a natural sweetness.

2. Sugar substitute. The secret to making it low sugar and keto is using a sugar substitute.

And as a bonus, we’ve added chia seeds for even more fiber and healthy fats to balance out this keto dip. This recipe is sure to pass as the traditional dip and be a new favorite for your Thanksgiving and holiday feasts!

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