Follow these rules for the perfect wedding gift

Americans should attend 2.5 million weddings in 2022, the most since 1984. Wedding report. Which means that invitees across the nation are now googling all the little rules and protocols that weddings entail.

While some dress codes may remain a mystery – and before you get excited, no, no one Grow has talked to even knows what “cowboy casual cocktail” means – there’s one area where it’s important to make things right: giving gifts.

Ignoring proper etiquette in this area can get you in trouble in many ways, says Thomas Farley, an etiquette expert and author of the NBC Today column.A meal with Mr. Manners. “

You miss the goal with the gift and you risk a rift between you and the happy couple. But during the hot wedding season, you also have a chance of getting financially hurt, he says. “I shouldn’t be late with paying by credit card because I’m going to eight weddings this summer.”

Read on for the rules of giving wedding gifts that ensure you are kind to your wallet as well as to friends who are getting married.

Do I really have to cover the cost of my plate?

How late can I send a gift?

Should I buy something off the register?

Is it okay to give cash?

Do I have to give a gift if I don’t attend?

As a general rule, yes. Even if you do not attend the event because it is outside your budget. “If someone is close to you, provided you have the funds, you should send something. At the very least, send a greeting card with a really nice message,” says Farley.

And if you’ve been invited to a few weddings this summer, sending gifts instead of spending money on travel, accommodation and a hat and bolo tie (that sounds like a cowboy cocktail casually, doesn’t it?) Will probably mean you’ll come forward, Farley notes.

“If you have the means to send a gift and a greeting card, especially for someone close to you, that’s a really nice solution,” he says. “If I skip a few weddings, I’d rather send five nice gifts than make the effort and spend the next five years in debt. Plus, if you look at the summer of 2023, there will be a lot of weddings then too.”

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