Find out more about the picture that caused Haifa Wehba’s divorce from her husband Ahmed Abu will not expect what you will see !! (see)

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Arab news sites published a camouflaged image that they said was a fatal image that caused the separation of ex-spouses, Haifa Wehba and Ahmed Abu Hashmeyah. it was launched after a television interview by Hagras.

The return of a love story between Wehbe and Hayres, this time after followers talked about a recent photo of the Lebanese artist, which was published today by one of the art pages on the Instagram page. While a fan of Haifa Wehbe commented, in words of spin, on the painting, describing the artist as the queen of taste and beauty, one follower wrote a comment containing accusations of the Lebanese star that she betrayed her ex-husband Ahmed Abu Hashim of Hayres, then her last husband and her former business manager, Mohamed Waziri.

According to him.

Many questions came to the attention of the Arab public after an episode of Egyptian artist Tamer Hayres, with his fellow citizen, Enas Al-Deghaidy, was recently shown in the program “Sheikh Al-Hara and Al-Jari” on Al-Qahera Wal-Nas channel. A character named “Sheikh Al-Hara” confirmed that Tamer Hayres had been chasing a Lebanese artist for years, because of his admiration for her and his desire to be in a romantic relationship with her. Every acting role connects him with her, until he got that role and acted with her in 2009.

Looking back on Tamer’s art history, he appeared with the Lebanese singer “Haifa Wehbe” in the video “Inta Tani”, which was a great success.

During the period of the two relations, Haifa was married to the Egyptian businessman “Ahmed Abu Hashim”, which opened the door to suspicion that they were in a love affair and that betrayal was the reason for Abu Hashim’s anger and divorce.

After news of the betrayal of Lebanese actress Haifa Wehbe by her husband, Egyptian businessman Ahmed Abu Hashim, circulated through the press and social media, they officially broke up in 2012, after entering into disputes that lasted more than two years.

The news circulating about Wehbe’s betrayal of her husband was accompanied by a scandalous picture of Haifa and Tamer Hayres, and widespread criticism from social media audiences. The news spoke of a strong bond and mutual trust for nearly six years between spouses Abu Hashima and Haifa Wehba before Maher Hayres entered the latter’s life.

Lebanese singer Haifa Wehbe recorded her song “Inta Tani” in a video in late 2009, and in her video she appeared as a Romanian warrior who is skilled in martial arts and is connected to a love story with her strong fighter coach “Andrew”, whose the role was embodied by artist Tamer Hejres.

The footage was taken several months ago, in the Basri runway area, south of Damascus, and Haifa Wehba at the time, according to Abu Hashima.

Haifa has long trained on some tough moves by renowned combat coach Andrew (Tamer Hejres), who starred in the films Troy and Ibrahim Al-Abyad. Enta Tani “according to Amir Taima, and composed by Ramy Gamal.

The video for Haifa Wehbe’s song “Anta Tani” also cost Haifa Wehbe to pay the high price of her private life, represented by entering into disputes with her husband Ahmed Abu Hashim, which ended in his divorce.

Yesterday, Thursday, Lebanese star Haifa Wehbe sent out a warning, which she described as “final” and final, for using her name and images in many commercials without her consent or knowledge.

The Lebanese star shared a poster on her official Instagram page in her case showing an ad for taking an acting test in the film.

The Lebanese actress stated that she did not know or did not know about this film, as well as about the rehearsal workshop for choosing girls, according to the magazine “My Lady”, which specializes in women’s issues.

Haifa issued the last and final warning in its case of “story” on “Instagram”, to anyone who uses her name or falsely presents herself for her, emphasizing that she will “resort to justice”, according to the source.

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