9 Simple Tips for More Sales on Poshmark

I started selling in poshmark a couple of years ago without any initial knowledge of the platform.

At first, I thought I wouldn’t have a chance to sell anything without first getting thousands of followers.

Boy was I wrong.

Selling on Poshmark: Must Know Tips and Tricks to Increase Sales
9 Simple Tips for More Sales

Selling on Poshmark is actually a lot easier than people think!

The biggest problem I see is in the listings themselves. You can share your items all you want, but if they’re not in front of the RIGHT audience, they probably won’t sell.

By using the tips below, I was able to become in the top 10% of app sellers in just over three weeks after making my first listing.

So how do you make sure your item crosses the eyes of your target buyers? We’ll see. There is a lot of great resources on Amazon about Poshmarksince books Y mannequins to great tools like ship station or some of these shipping similar products on amazon.

Selling on Poshmark: Use SEO on your listing titles and descriptions

I’ve seen a high percentage of Poshmark users post listings that say “nice blouse” or “red shirt” in the title. Although this may be true, is this really effective?

The answer is no.

There could be tens of millions of Google search results for “cute top”, which means that no one will find your listing among all of those.

Instead, you need to be specific.

This is where SEO (search engine optimization) comes into play. Your goal here is to tell search engines what your listing is about so they can show it to the right audience.

When selling any item on Poshmark, one of the best ways to do so is to research your item’s name. For example, lululemon names each of its items. So instead of saying “active tank top”, it might be called “flowy tank top”.

From there, you always want to add the brand to the title, and maybe even the size, color, or condition (using abbreviations). So, let’s say I have that lululemon bra mentioned above and I’m ready to put it on the list. This is what I would use as the title of my Poshmark listing:

Red Lululemon Flow Y Tank – Size 6 (NWT)

It’s much more specific than “active tank top” and if someone is looking for a lululemon Flow Y tank top, chances are your listing will show up in Google Images results much higher so more people can find (and hopefully buy it).

If you’re wondering what NWT is, it’s a shorthand for your item’s condition. Here are a few you should know:

  • NWT – New with tags
  • EUC – Excellent used condition
  • NWOT – New without tags

Example from one of my previous listings:

Tip for selling on Poshmark: Put your brand name and size in your ad headline


Now that we’ve covered your title, let’s talk about how making a detailed description can help when selling on Poshmark.

Although Poshmark gives you a decent amount of space to type, you are still limited in the number of characters you can type.

My own rule is to restate what I wrote in my title first. So, with my written example above, I would write:

Red Lululemon Flow Y Tank – Size 6 (NWT)

From there, I begin to explain the details I know about the item. Measurements are really important to a lot of buyers, so go ahead and have them handy in your description to avoid all the back and forth in comments.

Second, list the materials of your article if you know them. Again, some shoppers are very particular about the type of fabric they buy, so be honest and explain in detail what all the materials are.

Finally, and most importantly, be sure to mention any damage the item may have. You should check your item VERY closely to make sure you haven’t missed a small hole or stain. If for some reason the buyer finds it and you didn’t list it, you can open a claim with Poshmark and there goes your money!

If your item doesn’t have any damage, you can write something like “no stains, holes, or other damage” just to let the buyer know you’ve checked it out.

Here’s an example of one of my listings that sold in 5 minutes:


And here’s another one from a Coach bag I was selling on Poshmark that had some damage:


No matter what you’re selling, you should ALWAYS be honest in your listings and give your potential customers all the information they need to make the best buying decision possible.

Be reasonable: don’t use retail prices

Look, I know you may have spent $100 on something and you don’t want to get less than $80 for it, but that’s not how reselling works.

In reality, you should be looking to sell your NWT items at 40-50% off retail and your other items at least 60% off retail.

Keep in mind that when you sell on Poshmark, the buyer pays shipping and the company also takes 20% of your sales. I know it seems overkill, but you have access to over a million users on your app and your platform ranks well with Google, so you’re bound to reach your target audience if you follow the SEO guidelines above.

Use this tip to locate your potential buyers

Selling on Poshmark can take a bit more legwork, but the tip I’m going to share with you helped me sell a pair of boots in less than 24 hours.

The first thing I did was search for listings similar to my item (same brand, item style, size, etc.). For me, these were black leather Harley-Davidson boots.

I then went through the lists that had a decent amount of likes and started following the users who liked that particular list.

This creates a notification for them when they log in and will often prompt them to look at my closet. I made sure to share my boots so they would be regularly at the top of my profile and in view (very important).

Sure enough, I started getting more likes right away and even closed a sale the next morning!

Remember: You can also do this for items that were previously sold on Poshmark!

Show ALL aspects of the item (including damage)

Poshmark only allows you to upload four photos with each listing, so I recommend downloading a collage app and combining some of your photos together so the buyer can get more item views.

This is especially important if your item is damaged – you’ll want to document everything! Again, this is for your own protection so the buyer can’t go back to Poshmark and say they didn’t provide evidence of the damage.

This will also prevent a lot of comments from people asking you to describe the damage and provide a location of where it is. A simple photo can take care of all that for you!

Edit your photos, but don’t make them look fake

When you start selling on Poshmark, you’ll notice that they give you the option to use filters on your cover photo when you upload it.

Don’t use this function!


Because you want people to see what the article is really like. Filters can be misleading and could ultimately prevent you from getting a sale.

Instead, I recommend using an app like Snapseed that allows you to adjust the brightness of your photo without making the product look any different than it should.

Personally, I like to use the brush tool and then choose the exposure to make the background of the photo bright, but then leave the element as it is. When I enumerate it, the element almost pops out because the background is not dull or dark.

Give it a try and see the difference it makes.

Treat it like a social platform

Sharing is the best way to interact on Poshmark, so you’ll want to spend at least some time each day sharing and following other people’s lists.

Most of the time, other members will return the favor and share their listings too! This is another great way to get the word out about your item because you never know who might be looking for something to buy in the app.

send quickly

As the seller, you are responsible for printing the prepaid shipping label, packing the item, and delivering it to the post office.

While you are given a set timeframe to ship your item, I highly recommend shipping it ASAP because 1) that’s great customer service and 2) you’ll get your money sooner (because payment isn’t deposited until the buyer accepts the item, or three days have passed since the item was delivered).

I keep priority mail boxes (not flat rate ones) in my closet so I can immediately pack up an item once it sells.

I have noticed that having a faster shipping window has helped me get better reviews from buyers, which leads to more sales!

If for some reason you can’t make it to the post office the same day or the next day, be sure to contact the buyer by leaving a comment on the item page. Remember, customer service is key!

Finally, keep people updated and thank them

When you’ve finally made a sale, be sure to thank the buyer and let them know that you’ll ship their item as soon as possible. Ideally, you want to ship the item in less than two days. You can print your label and all from the comfort of your home, so all you need are a few free shipping boxes from the United States Postal Service and voila!

Quick note: make sure to request priority mailboxes ONLY when selling on Poshmark. If you use a flat rate or any other type, you’ll probably have to pay for additional shipping and you don’t want that.

When packing up your item, try to use tissue paper to keep it safe, and add a quick thank you note. It takes two minutes, but it could make all the difference in getting a return customer.

I always like to let my buyers know when I ship an item too. You don’t have to tell them step by step where your item is during the shipping process, but it’s always good for them to know you delivered it so they know when to expect it. In addition, it is also good customer service!

Poshmark vs. eBay: Which is better?

I’ve seen a lot of people discuss selling clothes on Poshmark or on eBay, so I wanted to give a few reasons why I’m more in favor of Poshmark:

  • A shipping label is provided to you – Priority Mail ships fast via USPS!
  • Once an item is delivered, you will receive your money within a maximum period of 72 hours, even if the buyer has not accepted the shipment through the application.
  • The Poshmark app is easy to navigate and always gets great updates

So there you have it! In my opinion, selling on Poshmark is worth it and can get you great results. If you start selling with these tips, I’d love to hear about your experience!

Selling on Poshmark: 9 Tips for More Sales

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