FAST 2022: Lauryn Ilasco encourages self-discovery, creativity with whimsical collection

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It is no longer “Playing Dress Up”, Lauryn Ilasco is “Coming of Age”.

After debuting in 2021 with “Playing Dress Up” – a clothing line that explores childhood nostalgia – An unregistered sophomore will return to fashion and student trends on the UCLA catwalk with her new collection, “Coming of Age”. Ilasco said since he learned to sew ten years ago she taught fashion design herself by studying the construction of her own clothes she bought at the store. With three collections behind her along with other projects, she said she is documenting her progress and selling her original designs on her personal blog – Love, Laur.

“Now that I’m maturing, I feel like this collection is just an adult version of my latest collection,” Ilasco said. “I think it’s really interesting because every collection I do is based on the next one, so you can still see me through each collection.”

Referring to Hello Kitty, Squinkies toys and other sympathetic symbols of her childhood, Ilasco said “Playing Dress Up” refers to relying on familiar comforts to alleviate the anxieties of growing up. However, in “Maturation” she said this departure from adolescence is being reconsidered with a bolder view – one that is encouraged by the prospect of a promising future and a journey of self-discovery. Channeling movies like “Lady Bird”,Perks of Being a Wallflower and “Little Women,” Ilasco said she was inspired by the way the genre of growing up is portrayed adolescence as a contradictory time in which one can simultaneously feel invincible and yet lost in one’s identity.

(Jenny Xu / Daily Bruin)
Ilasco stands in a layered white dress with leather heeled boots. She said that this year’s runway can be seen as an adult version of her previous collection, “Playing Dress Up”, which capitalized on childhood nostalgia. (Jenny Xu / Daily Bruin)

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Comparing the journey of finding the authentic self with the search for personal style, Ilasco said the collection the ability to mix and match represents her penchant for experimentalism in fashion and the indefinable aesthetics of design. After producing 20 separate garments for six looks, she said each outfit can be disassembled after the official show and reassembled in various wearable combinations.

“The whole point of mixing and blending pieces is to keep mixing and blending until you find what you like, and I feel that’s what growing up is,” Ilasco said. “You’re trying all these things out to find out what you’re doing.”

Including crocheted and knitted textiles, Ilasco said her goal is to make “Coming of Age” diverse in its textures. She said that for one look, which consists of a lace miniskirt, a tube top and long socks, she opted for more options for accessories by crocheting a skirt with wrapping and hand-knitting a hat with decorative yarn threads reaching to the knee of the model. We look forward to getting into Ilasco’s feminine yet sharp design, model and fourth year of human biology and society student Anna Jovin said she concluded that the conceptual foundations of the collection are related to how she celebrates clothing as a medium for self-expression.

Attentive to the versatile nature of individual garments, Ilasco said her approach to fashion mixing and blending design differs from her efforts as a stylist to manipulate clothing in innovative ways. Frequent contributor and songwriter BxRod said Ilasco’s styling eye was valuable in curating sleek looks inspired by video games for her music video “Play!” When they reunited to promote her song “BBY”, BxRod said Ilasco merged frugal and designer pieces for an ethereal, fairy ensemble.

“Being a (fashion) designer and visual creative, she definitely brings an extra layer and the necessary element to recording or video and only the creative process in general,” said BxRod.

(Jenny Xu / Daily Bruin)
Jovin is standing in a green set of jackets and skirts adorned with stars and small hearts. She said she appreciates how Ilaska’s multi-part runway acts as a medium for self-expression. (Jenny Xu / Daily Bruin)

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The whimsical and playful quality of “Coming of Age” should inspire the runway that viewers recognize their existing closets as an opportunity for creative experimentation, Ilasco said. Discouraged by the high consumption of fast fashion, she said that she hopes that her audience will invest in really special pieces and learn to appreciate the sentimental value of handmade clothes. Deciding to see each collection as a time capsule of her ever-evolving identity, Ilasco said that as long as she experiences growth and transformation, her projects will likely always include elements of young adulthood.

“I definitely know that as a designer I want to make pieces that are super special and not made,” Ilasco said. “I will not make another basic T-shirt that has come out in the world a million times. I really want to focus on pieces that have meaning and purpose. ”

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