FashWire was awarded for the best fashion market at the Glossy Fashion Awards 2022

SEATL – (BUSINESS WIRE) –FashWire was awarded for the best fashion market at Glossy Fashion Awards 2022, which pays tribute to companies and campaigns that have helped define the worlds of beauty and fashion. The winning teams represented future-oriented founders, sustainable business practices and innovative partnerships.

“I am incredibly humbled that FashWire has been declared the winner of the best fashion market at Glossy’s highly sought-after fashion awards. It’s really an honor, especially given the caliber of the other finalists in our category, ”said FashWire founder and CEO Kimberly Carney. “This is proof of the incredible work of our team and a complete confirmation that FashWire solves a real problem for many brands, mostly emerging designers. I consider this award with great respect because we strive to reshape the fashion ecosystem, while providing an impressive and flawless experience for a global audience. ”

FashWire’s two-way global platform and shopping market brings a portfolio of 400+ new and established women and men designers in more than 40 countries, in the clothing, footwear and accessories space. “Our mission at FashWire is to provide innovative and attractive technology solutions for our users and designers,” Carney added. “We achieve this by offering organic discovery of world fashion using technology to personalize the user experience. This interactive experience encourages consumers to be influential – and their feedback becomes part of essential brand decision-making. ”

“As a global market, we have grown organically and are in the most competitive environment,” said Sebrie Springs FashWire, head of brand strategy. “This recognition confirms that we provide an unparalleled opportunity for our brands and consumers in the digital and social sectors.”

“As a true development partner, FashWire’s leadership is constantly driving our team to meet new challenges in technology and innovation,” explains Hooman Hamzeh, CEO. DevelopingNow. “It’s truly a joint effort, and this incredible recognition and victory for FashWire confirms our place in the market as we continue to revolutionize engagement between fashion designers and consumers with disruptive solutions based on B2B and B2C data perspectives.”

FashWire will always be at the forefront as a resource for designers and consumers keeping fashion at the fingertips of users through a global perspective. “We are the ultimate discovery solution for all contemporary brands that need to showcase their collections and in turn sell the product,” Carney continues. “It does so through innovations and insights that can be applied and will remain at the helm of the company.”

To download the FashWire app, visit FashWire at Application store and further Google Play.

About FashWire

FashWire’s two-way high-growth discovery and shopping market provides its portfolio of designers and brands with vital data in patterns of consumer behavior in shopping. Giving fashion designers valuable real-time insights through a seamless user experience makes FashWire a digital leader in global consumer business intelligence. For consumers, FashWire creates a compelling interactive experience by combining impressive voting and social integration to instantly influence the designer. Through its market-leading application and web experience, FashWire users can purchase selected edits of 25,000+ products, originating from over 400 contemporary designers and brands from 40+ countries. The company is owned by Wire Holdings, Inc., and is backed by a number of stellar private angel investors in the beauty, fashion and technology spaces. To learn more about FashWire, visit www.fashwire.com.

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