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Life in sweatpants sure was sweet this past year, but Virginia Tech students are itching to dress up in their Saturday best and get back to the sidelines this fall. The return to Virginia Tech football is almost among us, and students will not only be jumping to “Enter Sandman,” but also to the chance of showing off their style. Since Virginia Tech is home to students from all across the country and beyond, every student brings a piece of their personal style to the game. Adorned in burnt orange and Chicago maroon, students are sure to make a triumphant return to Lane Stadium. Here is the all-encompassing guide to game day fashion this upcoming season.

The Classics

No matter the year, college football maintains tried-and-true tailgate fashion staples. These items are usually plain and not too detailed, making them perfect for mixing and matching. Here are three classic examples:


This one is obvious but a must-have. Anyone can sport a jersey on game day to show their spirit in the comfiest way possible.

“One of the most iconic game day fashion staples for Virginia Tech is definitely denim shorts and an oversized football jersey,” said Jessica Church, a sophomore majoring in marketing management.

Moreover, jerseys are a versatile piece of tailgate clothing. Dress them up in the warmer months by folding them as crop tops or wearing them as an oversized dress, or layer them over sweatshirts as the weather gets colder. While they may be expensive, jerseys are a worthy investment for any Virginia Tech student who plans on getting the most out of them for years to come.

Striped Overalls

While not quite “plain,” these maroon and orange striped overalls are spotted at least once at every game. The ostentatiousness of these make for an easy tailgate outfit –– throw them on and the entire outfit is good to go. These overalls are sure to make you stand out from the crowd, even at Center Street.

Winter Accessories and Sweatshirts

The Virginia Tech football season starts out in the heat of the summer and finishes with chilling winds. Stocking up on crop tops and shorts is fun, but it is important to have pieces that will bundle you up as well. The solution to spice up your winter looks is accessories. Bucket hats, scarves, fun shoes, colored sunglasses and face paint are perfect for dressing up an outfit in both warm and cold weather.

Additionally, a sweatshirt is a game day staple – and a Virginia Tech student staple – to turn your game day outfits from drab to fab during sub-50-degree weather.

“When it gets cold, you’ll want to stay warm, so cute orange or maroon sweaters – especially fluffy sweaters – add to the fit,” said Frannie Simkins, a junior studying psychology.

Layer your sweatshirt over a turtleneck or under a jersey and you can’t go wrong.

Incoming Trends

For those who want to stray away from the basics, here are incoming trends and other ways to stay ahead of the curve:

The “Y’allternative” and Y2K aesthetics

While the term “y’alternative” has not been induced into Merriam-Webster, it is a trend that is on the rise in addition to early 2000s-inspired fashion looks. The “y’allternative” aesthetic had its genesis on TikTok, and is described to cater toward “people who appreciate the music, art, style and heart that puts the‘ y’all ’in‘ y’allternative ’,” but with more rock, mainstream and Y2K influences, according to Vice and Young Hollywood.

“Y2K and chunky jewelry / accessories have been ‘in’ for a while, so we will probably see more low-rise jeans and corset tops with chunky sunglasses, ”Simkins said. “Also, we will definitely be seeing more cowboy boots. Every girl will be wearing dresses with cowboy boots in a fashion way, not a country way. ”

While we are not sure how long these trends will last, they sure do fit the hip, Southern culture of Virginia Tech well.

Cowboy Boots

This brings us to the next trend: cowboy boots. While the concept of cowboy boots is nothing new, they will be given a new connotation with the aforementioned Y2K and “y’allternative” aesthetics on the rise. Typically considered a very “country” pair of shoes to sport, cowboy boots are going to find a wider audience when paired with more trendy pieces such as low-rise bottoms, mini dresses or crop tops.

Interesting Bottoms

In a sea of ​​jean shorts and mom jeans, fun bottoms are a great way to spice up and stand out in your tailgate outfit. This past summer has seen a lot of midi and mini skirtswhich will surely find their way into the stands during the beginning part of the football season.

“I suggest pairing biker shorts with jerseys or painted pants with a solid maroon or orange top,” said Lucia Arevalo, a junior studying food science and agribusiness.

At the end of the day, the best tailgate outfits are the ones worn with confidence. Arevalo has some advice when it comes to picking out outfits.

“Comfort is key. If you have to keep adjusting your outfit, then you won’t have fun at games, ”Arevalo said.

Whether you opt for an out-there homemade set, striped overalls or a staple jersey with shorts, an outfit that you are comfortable and eager to wear is the best kind.

Church also noted how students can always maintain a classic game day look.

“There’s no better way to show support for the Hokies than by wearing the iconic color combo,” Church said.

On game day, remember to bust out your maroon and orange gear, Hokies, and start jumping!


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