How To Wear Boyfriend Jeans For Every Occasion

The world started calling them boyfriend jeans because they seemed borrowed from ‘him’. Quite literally! This outfit is easygoing, casual and smart, with a great fit around the waist and hips and baggy down. From streetwear to airport looks, boyfriend jeans have stood the test of time. If you’re a little confused about how to wear boyfriend jeans, look no further for styling inspiration. This article covers 8 great ways to wear boyfriend jeans for every occasion on your calendar. Then let’s get started.

8 Ways to Style Boyfriend Jeans

There are several ways to combine boyfriend jeans. The loose, loose fit is perfect for a casual day or date night. However, it’s important to note that boyfriend jeans can go from dressy to sloppy if not layered well.

Make sure to sit your jeans a few inches above your ankle and wear them with a tighter top or tank top. This will complement the looseness of your boyfriend jeans and leave room for a celebrity-inspired outfit.

1. How to wear Boyfriend Jeans in winter

You might find it difficult to pair those loose, baggy pants with oversized jackets, puffy coats, and ankle boots. But boyfriend jeans can make a winter style statement, especially a cozy layer over thermal underwear on cold days. So, let’s take a look at some amazing ideas to style this outfit with confidence.

  • Pair your boyfriend jeans with an oversized blazer and a stylish patterned belt for a fun take on menswear.
  • Try boyfriend jeans with a statement coat or long-sleeved top and sneakers.
  • Your boyfriend jeans will look great with a bold, puffy jacket or bomber jacket and stylish ankle boots or combat boots.
  • Pair light wash boyfriend jeans with a wool coat or layered sweaters and statement ankle boots.
  • This fall, create a cool casual look by wearing your boyfriend jeans with a black turtleneck and white sneakers.

2. How to wear boyfriend jeans in summer

Due to the relaxed fit of the boyfriend jean, if you want to look high fashion rather than cozy when you’re out and about, consider pieces that bring back the definition. Wear shoes that are shaped and fitted, curvy, or belted uppers.

kim hancherHer style coach suggests: “A fitted top with chandelier earrings, a belt, a bright-colored clutch, and heels makes it dressier. The same fitted top, gold earrings, crossbody bag and tennis shoes are a great look for every day.”

You can dress up your jeans with shoes and accessories during the summer. Opt for a sporty look with flats and sneakers, or keep these pants loose with feminine pumps or chunky-heeled sandals.

Says Kim: “Boyfriend jeans should be paired with something tighter on top, not tight, but skimming the body to keep the proportions right. A jumpsuit, a tailored men’s style oxford, or a fitted t-shirt tucked in or tied at the waist are all great options.”

3. How to wear boyfriend jeans with flats

Flats impart a distinctive summer beach vibe, and finding your ideal pair is quite easy. Try on your favorite boyfriend jeans with a cute graphic tee and slip-on sandals. A flat sandal and boyfriend jeans look exceptionally cool for spring and summer. You can also wear them with your favorite anklet to pull off the look. Opt for a toned-down aesthetic with baggy jeans and flat sandals.

4. How to wear boyfriend jeans with heels

Boyfriend jeans come just to the ankle or above. Therefore, adding some height and elongation through heels is a great way to visually elongate the body. Pair your jeans with an oversized white jacket and white high heels. You can also wear a low-heeled sandal and a comfortable t-shirt and throw a jacket over your shoulder to accentuate the look. Another way to wear boyfriend jeans is with a floral tucked-in top, block heels, and a big, shiny bag.

5. How to wear boyfriend jeans with ankle boots

Keep your ankles warm and look stylish by pairing your boyfriend jeans with a t-shirt (with a fun message), ankle boots, and a scarf. A pair of slouchy knee-high boots will make you look super casual and chic. Also, it will impart a semi-professional vibe, but you can modify your outfit for almost any occasion. If nothing works for you, select a printed top, baggy boyfriend jeans and Chelsea boots to create a bold statement.

6. How to wear Boyfriend Jeans if you are petite

Opt for boyfriend jeans that are a bit high-waisted and not baggy. Fold the bottom as narrow as possible and wear cute heels, sandals, or boots. You can choose your boyfriend jeans without cuffs, but don’t choose something with a wide cuff that shortens the length. Also, stay away from boyfriend jeans that are too baggy, super baggy, and skinny towards the legs.

7. How to Wear Plus Size Boyfriend Jeans

If you have curves, a cardigan or shorter shirts are your safest bet. You can pair your jeans with a black t-shirt or a loose-fitting white t-shirt with the sleeves rolled up. A blazer is a great option if you want to keep things a bit formal. Pair your boyfriend jeans with a white t-shirt, light cream jacket, and block heels to add that edgy style.

8. How to wear boyfriend jeans after 50

Choose boyfriend jeans in faded to medium vintage blue washes. Wear your jeans with rolled hems above the ankles. Don’t forget to pair a belt and half tuck the top. You can wear a biker jacket (leave it open) and keep the bottom simple to create the illusion of a slimmer body. Add a girly pump to your outfit to look more fun and stylish.

Although it’s hard to pull off boyfriend jeans right away, switch up a few changes from your usual skinny fit for that casual-chic look. If you are afraid that the baggy boyfriend style will not suit you and look like a baggy bag, then keep the following tips in mind.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Wearing Boyfriend Jeans


  • Roll the hem a few inches above the ankle for a cool, relaxed look. Derek Warburton, media entrepreneur and celebrity stylist, recommends: “Boyfriend jeans have a relaxed fit that can quickly become sloppy. Maintain a neat look by rolling them loosely to a cropped length. They should sit a few inches above your ankle, but this is not a rigid rule. Choose a length that is appropriate for your height and your choice of footwear. If you’re not sure, get a second opinion from a friend.”
  • Pair your boyfriend jeans with a dressy blouse or a sexy shirt. You can balance the whole outfit with a sheath top or an off the shoulder top with sparkle.
  • Turn up the edgy factor of your BF jeans with statement pieces like a leather jacket, statement shirt, and ankle boots.
  • Try your jeans with a denim shirt tucked in for that classy aura.
  • Wear white sneakers with your boyfriend jeans and combine them with a cute crop top. You can also opt for classy pumps or stilettos to create ‘the illusion of legs’.
  • Pair your jeans with loose black or white t-shirts. Keep the sleeves rolled up to echo your rolled hems.
  • Try a sloppy top or a sailor striped boat neck top with your jeans to kick things up a notch.
  • Oversized jackets and flats are a great costume for cooler nights without straying from the overall theme.
  • Choose an off-the-shoulder floral top with gypsy ruffles or a body-hugging halter crop top to accentuate your feminine curves.

not to do:

  • Don’t leave your shirt unbuttoned. If you don’t feel comfortable tucking your shirt in, tuck it in half. Leave the back hanging down for a street-chic look.
  • Don’t forget the belt; otherwise, your jeans will look saggy. Instead, wear your boyfriend jeans with a fancy belt for the perfect fit.
  • Don’t pair your boyfriend jeans with loose, oversized tops.
  • Don’t buy boyfriend jeans that are too tight. Remember, these types of underwear are meant to be baggy.
  • Don’t wear boyfriend jeans with flannel and show skin. Jeans that are incredibly ripped and paired with very tight and petite tops do not look attractive.
  • Avoid the ‘flattening’ effect. Be careful with the accessories and other pieces that you use to compose the look. Therefore, choose tighter blouses and high-heeled shoes to balance the look.

Kim Hancher suggests what not to wear with boyfriend jeans:

  • “Oversized sweater or sweatshirt.”
  • “A blouse that has no structure or rubs against your body.”
  • “Jackets should not be worn with boyfriend jeans.”
  • “You have to be careful to show any sign of your waistline and continue to create that feminine hourglass shape.”

In conclusion

It’s time you ditch your boyfriend’s hoodie for a pair of tailored jeans for women. This jean will easily highlight your summer looks while keeping you relaxed. We hope you now feel much more confident about how to wear boyfriend jeans. So, try our style tips and stay on top of the trends with a subtle touch of masculinity in your outfit. These smart-yet-casual bottoms will solve your wardrobe woes, whether you want to keep things laid-back or over-the-top.

Frequent questions

What is the difference between boyfriend jeans and mom jeans?

The fundamental difference between mom and boyfriend jeans is that mom jeans have a reasonably high waist, while boyfriend jeans have a loose, low waist and hem. Mom jeans tend to have narrow legs, but boyfriend jeans tend to fit looser throughout the body. Boyfriend jeans typically have cropped or folded legs, while mom jeans typically have long legs.

What is the difference between boyfriend jeans and boyfriend jeans?

The main distinction between bridal and groom jeans is that bridal jeans are skinny and hug your curves. Boyfriend jeans are baggy and have a looser fit, which prevents you from showing off your curves. They may also occasionally extend over your ankle.

Can pear shapes wear boyfriend jeans?

Yes. Boyfriend jeans hug your hips and even out the distance between your head and knees. If you’re shorter, the loose fit will also lengthen your legs.

key takeaways

  • Boyfriend jeans offer more comfort than regular skinny jeans and are extremely versatile.
  • These slouchy, baggy jeans pair well with fitted tops and tees, wrap tops, ankle boots, high heels, sneakers, and flats.
  • However, always make sure you buy the right size and don’t pair those jeans with baggy or loose-fitting tops and shirts to avoid the flattened effect.
How To Wear Boyfriend Jeans For Every Occasion

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