How To Wear A Bucket Hat

Fashion flashes back to the fabulous ’80s. And we’re bowing our heads to trendy bucket hats! It’s time to learn how to wear a bucket hat without looking outdated.. You can learn from leading fashion experts like Rihanna! Heck, even the fishermen and women on the beach are sporting the bucket hat.

Get this fashion accessory. It will help you make the best style statement this summer to fall season. If you want some inspiration, scroll down for some easy, simple and unique ideas for styling a bucket hat. Read on to brag, girl!

Easy and Simple Ways to Wear a Bucket Hat

1. How to Wear a Bucket Hat with Curly Hair

If you’re wondering if a bucket hat is only for the curly or straight-haired, well, you’re happily wrong.. A pastel-colored bucket hat sits beautifully on the curls. This is how you can style your look:

  • Comb your curls and divide them into three sections at the back and sides. Top it off with a bucket hat of your choice.
  • If you like the short curls look, simply leave your hair loose, all over the place, and accessorize it with a jean, tie, and dyed bucket hat. You can also pluck some thin sections, braid them, and leave the rest of your curls open and free.
  • If your long curls bother you a lot, part your hair, make two low buns and loose some strands at the front. Wear a bucket hat and, honey, you know you’re already a hot trend!

Here is a video to help you explore kinkier hairstyles with a bucket hat.

How To Wear A Bucket Hat

2. How to Wear a Braided Bucket Hat

Braids never go out of style, just like a braided bucket hat. Twist your hair into two braids, multiple skinny braids or fishtail braids – the bucket hat will easily enhance your look. Wear baggy pants and your favorite t-shirt. Those braids up in a bucket hat are all you need to feel street smart.

3. How to Wear a Bucket Hat with Long Hair

Long hair is the friendliest with hats. Leave your naturally long hair free, make loose braids or tie it up in a messy bun. Nothing can stop you from making the bucket hat look like your jam with those long tresses. So, buy your favorite patterned or textured bucket hat and get ready to rock and roll.

From denim, tie-and-dye, and colorblocking to snakeskin leathers, crochet, pastels, and blacks, bucket hats are a delight for all moods and occasions.. Of course, this may leave you wondering how to use them, with what, and where. Well, we’ve got you covered. Name a season, think of a dress, choose your bucket hat, and nothing can stop you from turning heads wherever you go.

Bucket Hat Outfit Ideas

You can create a trailblazer look by wearing leather, say a jacket and trousers, and an ace look by wearing a cheetah print or snakeskin bucket hat.. Make her freeze together with washed jeans, dressy boots, and a pair of classic black sunglasses.

  • Fisherman hat with home clothes

Loungewear is the new streetwear in town. She’s cleverly moved out of her quarters and is rocking street style like never before. Yes, you’re thinking right. You can go out in your favorite loungewear in your lazy and messy braids, and top it off with a bucket hat, easily rocking a modern look.

  • Bucket Hat With Bathing Suits

Bucket hats are a great way to add that extra bit to your beachwear or bathrobes. So if you’re going swimming or relaxing on the beach, grab a sandy-colored bucket hat. It protects you from the sun, adds to your style and is easy to transport. What other thing? Great photos!

  • Fisherman hat with knitwear

Winters are all about wide-legged jeans with oversized knits on top or a knit dress with long puff sleeves. Throw on a bucket hat and you’ll be amazed at how stylish it makes you look overall. This look serves not only as a statement, but also defines how comfort meets style.

  • Bucket Hat With Printed Clothing

The mixture of patterns is an art that very few know how to master. If done correctly, an accessory can be difficult to choose. Try wearing a patterned skirt or pants with a mini patterned top and a bucket hat. You will find colors creating a beautiful symphony with so many patterns and mixing and matching.

  • Summer Flower Bucket Hat

Bucket hats were originally made to protect the eyes and face from the sun. So, use them in the right way. After all, summer is not just weather but a state of mind. Wear your ornate sundress embellished with floral prints or just flecks of bright color, and grab a bucket hat. It will make your summer look elegant, cool and casual.

  • Bucket Hat with Layered Clothing

If you thought your layered clothing was too much to add anything else, well, no. A bucket hat will simplify your layered look, making it look stylish and attractive. Whether you’re layering coats, tank tops, or hoodies, a bright-colored bucket hat can complete your look and bring you the finesse. Pair your shiny bucket hat with something more structured, like a long trench coat. And don’t forget the basics underneath – a plain white t-shirt or black tank top will look great under that awesome new bucket hat!

  • Bucket hat with biker shorts or oversized tops

Biker shorts and oversized hoodies, teamed with a soft casual jacket and bucket hat – mamma mia! This look is a delight for the ace. The cozy and casual look is so addictive that you will want to stay in this outfit all day. Give it a try soon and you’ll realize that running errands has never looked so effortless.

A bucket hat also looks great when paired with short skirts. Wear a turtleneck, a skater skirt of your choice, knee-high boots, and a stylish bucket hat. Tie your hair into a bun or two simple braids. Or just let your hair flow with the wind. No one can pass without looking at you in amazement.

Bucket hats are designed for all weathers, moods, and outfits. The 80s trend is back and you should make the most of it. This basic hat is here to stay. Just get off your bed and style it as easy and elegant as never before!

Bucket hats are back in style so grab this hot item without further ado. It will help you make the best possible style statement during the summer and fall seasons. The hat can be worn with various hairstyles and looks good with almost any outfit. So whether you’re wearing loungewear, summer bloomers, or biker shorts, you can accessorize with a bucket hat. Now that you know how to wear a bucket hat, grab your own and flaunt your unique style, taking inspiration from the ideas above.

Frequent questions

Do bucket hats look good on everyone?

Yes, bucket hats look good on everyone, and they’re all the rage with the Gen Z crowd right now.

Should bucket hats be tight fitting?

No, bucket hats shouldn’t be too tight. They should be slightly loose and comfortable to wear.

Can you wear a bucket hat with a ponytail?

Yes, there are specific bucket hats that are designed to fit high ponytails and buns.

What face shape suits a bucket hat?

The bucket hat is ideal for anyone with a square face.

key takeaways

  • The bucket hat was all the rage during the 1980s, but today it has made a comeback.
  • Bucket hats can be paired with curly hair, braids, long hair, and more. They can be worn with leather outfits, loungewear, knitwear, floral summer wear, layering, skirts, oversized tops, and biker shorts.
  • A bucket hat can be worn in any season and at any time if styled correctly.
How To Wear A Bucket Hat

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