How To Clean Copper Jewelry

Copper jewelry has been worn for centuries and continues to be a great choice due to its warm color and anecdotal evidence of how this metal can ease inflammation and pain. However, it can blacken or rust over time from moisture in the air, dust, human contact, and certain chemicals. Have you also noticed this and wonder how to clean copper jewelry? A buildup of dirt and grime can tarnish your jewelry and make it look dull if not cared for. Therefore, it is important to store your copper jewelry safely and take great care to avoid this.

Check out this article for quick solutions to clean your copper jewelry easily with household products.

How to clean copper jewelry at home

1. Baking Soda and Lemon Juice

Baking soda is an excellent non-abrasive cleaner for precious metals, such as copper and silver. It absorbs dirt and grime with ease and removes tarnish from jewelry.


  • Mix water, some lemon juice, and a tablespoon of baking soda in a bowl.
  • Soak your copper jewelry in this solution for a few hours or overnight.
  • Rinse the jewelry well with water the next day.
  • Polish the jewelry with a soft toothbrush to remove any stains or tarnish. You can also use a soft cloth to remove dirt or grime.

2. Vinegar

Vinegar is a natural, non-toxic cleaning agent for removing stains and tarnish from your copper jewelry.


  • Pour some vinegar into a pan and place the jewelry.
  • Once fully submerged, bring the vinegar to a simmer over medium heat for five minutes.
  • Turn off the heat and let the jewelry sit overnight.
  • Place the jewelry in a bowl of warm water the next day.
  • Use a toothbrush to gently scrub away any dirt.
  • Rinse your jewelry well in cold water and dry it with a soft cloth so that it does not leave any moisture behind.

3. Lemon juice and salt

Lemon juice works as a natural abrasive without being too harsh on metal. This method will help clean skin dirt that accumulates on the metal surface.


  • Mix one tablespoon of salt, one tablespoon of lemon juice, and water in a bowl.
  • Submerge your copper jewelry in this mixture and let it sit for about an hour.
  • Use a toothbrush to gently remove any dirt or mud from the corners.
  • Rinse jewelry in lukewarm water and dry with a soft cloth before storing in a cool, dry place.

Four. Saltwater

Salt is another fantastic cleaning agent that works like an abrasive. Helps remove tarnish and stains on various metals, especially copper jewelry.


  • Add some water and enough salt to a pan. Heat over low heat until the salt dissolves.
  • Soak your jewelry in this solution and leave it for a few minutes before wiping away any sediment.
  • Rinse your jewelry well in lukewarm water.
  • Use a lint-free or microfiber cloth to polish jewelry to restore lost shine.

5. tomato sauce

You may be surprised, but ketchup is a great way to clean your copper jewelry without damaging it.


  • Squeeze some ketchup on your copper jewelry until it is completely covered.
  • Rub the jewelry with your fingers, a hard cloth, or a brush until the tarnish is gone.
  • Rinse in a bowl of warm water.
  • Clean jewelry well and allow to air dry before storing.

6. Jewelry polishing cloth

One of the easiest ways to clean your copper jewelry is to use a polishing cloth. Helps remove tarnish and restores shine to item. The cloth removes any dirt or tarnish that has accumulated over time. However, please read the instructions on how to use it correctly. Before putting on your copper jewelry, wipe it with a clean cloth for best results.

Always clean your copper jewelry at home with a non-abrasive cleaner and a soft cloth.. Strong, abrasive cleaners can scratch the metal surface and cause permanent damage. Scroll down to our next section to learn more about what to do and what to avoid when cleaning your copper jewelry.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Cleaning Your Precious Copper Jewelry


  • If you wear your jewelry frequently, clean it under running water from time to time to prevent tarnishing or dirt buildup. This will also help prevent the metal from darkening or discoloring.
  • Use a soft cotton cloth and some crushed walnut shells to clean your copper jewelry.
  • Always clean any excess dirt or grime from jewelry before cleaning. Remember, copper is a delicate metal and should not be treated harshly. Apply gentle pressure if you want to keep it in good condition.
  • Use a clean toothbrush and gently brush over stained or tarnished areas. This is a great way to remove dirt without scratching the metal surface.

not to do

  • Do not leave your copper jewelry in water for too long, as it can damage the metal and cause the design to wear off.
  • Do not rub the jewelry with a scouring pad or strong abrasives.
  • Do not use chemical cleaners that contain chlorine, acid, ammonia, or lead, as they can corrode or damage the metal.
  • Do not return copper jewelry to store packaging. If not exposed to air, moisture may cause a color change in a short time.

The best method to keep your copper jewelry beautiful and shiny is to clean it from time to time with warm soapy water. Then, dry and polish your jewelry with a soft cloth and store it in a resealable plastic bag or jewelry box lined with stain-resistant paper. Scroll down for more tips on caring for your copper pieces.

How to care for your copper jewelry

  • Avoid wearing copper jewelry in water to prevent a buildup of dust, stains, sediment, and bacteria. If the metal gets wet, dry it with a soft cloth and keep it away from moisture.
  • Store your copper jewelry in a cool, dry place to prolong its life.
  • In addition to cleaning your jewelry using the above methods, you should also invest in a polishing cloth. This will help maintain the shine and integrity of your copper jewelry.

Copper jewelry is eye-catching, durable, and linked to several health benefits. On the downside, it oxidizes quickly and tends to tarnish. If neglected, dirt and dust can discolor your jewelry, making it look rusty and old. The appearance change affects the shine and charm of the reddish-brown metal, rendering the jewels unusable. Therefore, it is better to keep your copper jewelry in perfect condition to avoid these problems. Follow the steps outlined in the article to quickly clean your copper jewelry using common household items.

Frequent questions

Can you clean copper with toothpaste?

Yes. Remove any residue from your jewelry by soaking it in water, then brush it gently with a toothbrush and some toothpaste to restore its shine.

Does coke clean copper?

Yes. Soaking copper jewelry in a bowl of coke for about an hour can help clean it.

Does rubbing alcohol clean copper?

Yes. Rub your jewelry with alcohol and a soft cloth to clean it.

key takeaways

  • Copper jewelry has been adorned since ancient times due to its ornamental and healing properties.
  • It is important to take proper care of your copper jewelry to prevent it from losing its shine and luster.
  • Using natural or household ingredients instead of chemical detergents and scrubs would help keep your copper ornaments looking like new.
How To Clean Copper Jewelry

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