Fashion-loving James Argent has now lost 14 stones and is killing him

James Argent on vacation Mykonos

James Argent absolutely loves living on vacation in Mykonos (Picture: Instagram / real_arg)

James Argent has been enjoying the transformation of his wardrobe since he lost weight, giving him a newfound confidence.

The former Towie star is currently sunbathing on holiday on Mykonos and for him it is now a completely different experience when he feels different in his body.

Arg, 34, has lost a significant amount of weight in the past year after stomach surgery, which caused him to lose 14 tablespoons, and has adopted a strict fitness and healthy eating regime.

With his new figure, Arg has also changed his fashion game and feels more comfortable in a look he felt he couldn’t before losing weight.

In his latest post on Instagram, the singer shared a series of photos of him rocking an elegant t-shirt with a tropical Versace pattern while posing with a cigar and a couple of shades.

He wrote in the caption: ‘I really accept and believe in myself, I really have a sense of control in my life. I know my strengths and weaknesses well, I finally have a positive attitude about myself.

Former Towie star rocks new wardrobe losing 14 stones (Picture: Instagram / real_arg)
Losing weight gave Argo a new sense of confidence (Image: Instagram / real_arg)

‘I like to be different and I can handle criticism. Not everyone will like my style or the way I dress, but I have lost 14 pounds so I have the right to wear whatever I want 🙌🏼 ‘

This comes after Arg looked back on his transformation with photos before and after losing weight.

In her stories last month, the former reality star shared a photo of herself shining from a hospital bed, writing, ‘I’m celebrating my one-year anniversary of surgery’, with the label Before in the photo.

Reality star underwent stomach surgery last year (Image: Instagram / real_arg)

The following photo, labeled After, shows Arga now, 13 stones brighter and looking fit and healthy while smiling in the sun.

Arg thanked We Are Transform for supporting his journey, writing that it was ‘the best decision I have ever made’.

The TV star lost weight within nine months after surgery, after doctors warned him he could die if he didn’t lose weight.

In its worst condition, Arg weighed 27 tables, gaining much of its weight during the pandemic and subsequent closures.

The lifestyle change came after an almost fatal overdose on Christmas 2019, after which he sought help to solve his drug and alcohol problems.

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