Farrah Abraham confirms that he is dating guitarist Mack Lovat

This former “Teen Mom” ​​is out of the market.

Farrah Abraham confirmed for TMZ On Tuesday, she is dating a guitarist named Mack Lovat, with whom she has been good friends for two years.

MTV Alum also said that they met online after Lovat entered her DM 2020.

At the time, a member of the Minus Gravity group took her to a park meeting in the park and then to a basketball game before he finally decided to keep his relationship platonic.

However, sparks have flown since then – although they have not yet put an official label on their romance.

Abraham, 31, said Lovat spent a birthday with her and her daughter Sofia (13) in Hawaii.

Since they returned, they have been spending more and more time together, says the reality star.

She also said that she appreciates the fact that the musician, who signed a contract with Capitol Records, is keeping “away from the drama, because it does not negatively affect her remaining seven months of outpatient therapy or her sobriety.”

Abraham examined at the trauma center March after an alleged sexual assault.

Then she said: “Regardless of your traumas – whether physical or mental, people see them or not – I wanted to take the time to say that I am grateful to my family for hanging out with me this year in one of my most difficult years. . ”

Farrah Abraham and Mack Lovat kiss on the bench.
Abraham seems amazed as she cuddles with her new man.

Before she dated Lovat, she was associated with a Hollywood stuntman named Aden Stay 2018. However, their short-lived romance lasted only about two dates, according to Stay, but the breakup was still very public.

Abraham said People at the time, “I have to be careful who I date because a lot of men target me for my success. I am currently focused on work between TV and film projects. ”

Remain disputed by the magazine: “Our breakup had nothing to do with success. I have no desire to be famous. I never knew she was on a reality TV show that I had never seen or heard of. “

Abraham starred in spinoffs including “Teen Mom”, “Teen Mom OG” and “Teen Mom: Family Reunion”.
Randy Shropshire

He continued: “No offense to the show. She is a nice person according to what I met at the two meetings we were at. But that’s how far it’s gone. I think the whole thing is a little exaggerated because of her role in her show. ”

For years, Abraham had a relationship with former Simon Saran, who appeared with her in the “Teen Mom” ​​franchise. It was officially terminated in 2017.

Her daughter’s father, Derek Underwood, was her high school sweetheart and died in a car accident two months before Sofia was born.

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