Fans of ‘American Idol’ can’t stop commenting on Luke Bryan’s wife and her unexpected Instagram

It’s not often Luke Bryan and his wife, Caroline “Lina” Boyer Bryan, can be seen without each other. But on the rare occasions when the village superstar is absent – perhaps, busy filming last season American Idol – Caroline still gives people an insight into what she intends… or to say, what she is wearing.

In case you missed it, it caused quite a bit of confusion her recent clothing combinations – and as it turned out, this has been a trend for some time. Back in February, Caroline came out after a brisk weather in Nashville in a black long-sleeved dolce with a neckline. She paired it with a colorful plaid skirt with details on the fringe. The look is complemented by black knee-high boots and dark sunshine. In case you’re wondering what the weather is like in Music City during late winter, it usually stays in between 40s and 70s.

Despite the unpredictable weather, Caroline looked comfortable in her clothes, but admitted she wasn’t exactly thrilled to document it. Luckily, the fans were filmed thanks to one of her good friends. “When @nicolebobek makes me take pictures … swipe to see how I really feel about it 😒,” she wrote it.

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Reacting to Caroline’s super-connected images and message, fans went to her Instagram comment section to shower her with compliments. “I like that look !! ❤️❤️❤️🔥🔥🔥🔥 ”, wrote one person. “I like the hairstyle and the style. You look beautiful in those clothes “, added another. “Where is this skirt from?” I like you and you are beautiful as always! 😍 ”said another fan.

In case you’re wondering where you can get your colorful skirt to wear this summer, it looks like Caroline got her own from brand AREA. A closer look reveals that the plaid number is made of tweed, and is decorated with crystals and wedges. We’ve rounded up a few options you can take a look at below and maybe recreate Caroline’s clothes for warmer weather.

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