Fans claim that Michael Owen “made a deal with Love Island that Gemma WILL NOT mention his name on TV”

LOVE Island fans claim that Michael Owen “made a deal with the show so Gemma WOULD NOT mention his name on TV”.

The daughter of a football legend Gemma19, is one of sexy singletons participates in this year’s series.

Love Island fans claim that Michael Owen 'made a deal so Gemma would NOT mention his name on TV'


Love Island fans claim that Michael Owen ‘made a deal so Gemma would NOT mention his name on TV’
Gemma and Luca were paired before Danica's bomb picked up the fisherman


Gemma and Luca were paired before Danica’s bomb picked up the fishermanCredit: Eroteme

Since entering the villa, the professional rider has avoided talking about her famous dad.

However, a few days after she was on the ITV2 show, fans noticed that she was Gemma dropped through hints gangs about a former attacker.

Now, viewers on Reddit have shared a bizarre theory about why Michael (42) is not mentioned.

Gemma she recently had to return with her former flame Davide Sanclimenti27, after the bomb Danica Taylor selected Luca Bish23.

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Some fans went to the discussion website to discuss it Lucawith whom Gemma had previously been paired.

They were trying to find out if the Islanders knew about Gema’s claim to fame, and some came up with the idea of ​​why Michael hadn’t been mentioned yet.

One wrote in the topic: “If her family paid them money not to broadcast it, we will not see it. I think it is quite obvious that some kind of agreement has been reached regarding her time on the island.”

Another responded: “There is no chance that someone with so much money / power will enter such a competition without insurance.

“Gemma Owen will somehow make a love affair between her lawyers and ITV to ensure she gets the x-amount of attention per episode, she was shown only favorably, one of her clothing lines was pushed, etc.”

There is no evidence to suggest that this really happened.

Gemma entered the villa on the first day as an original and was paired with a student Liam Llewellyn22.

Still a bomb David she soon caught her eye.

Gema and David later paired up, but it became obvious that they were not destined for that.

The international dressage rider soon showed interest in the fishmonger Luca.

They later mated, but when they parted Danica decided to choose Luca last night.

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Yesterday, fans called out Luca for his ‘game plan’ and said he KNOW who Gemma’s dad is.

In the past few days, the spectators were surprised by Luca’s foot fan attachment to Gemma in such a short period of time.

Some have stated that they claim that he knows that Gemma’s dad is a former football player Michael Owen and desperately wants to meet him.

One spectator said: “Luca has a game plan and I personally don’t blame him. He defo doesn’t want to go back to choking fish, he wants to live in Michael Owens’ villa with Gem.”

Another wrote: “Luca 10000000% knows that Michael Owen is Gemmin’s dad. She won’t let him go. She can’t wait to meet someone else at Casa Amor.”

The third announced, “No, you, Luca DEFINITELY know who Gemmin’s dad is, because which man in the history of Love Island was this scourge so quickly ?? He’s keeping his eyes on the award (Michael Owen).”

Another said: “Luca knows who Gemma’s dad is. All this obsession doesn’t make sense out of nowhere. She wasn’t even an option before they talked about sports and how her dad loves football. Besides, she said she has 12 horses as well. .. rocket science? “

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The next day the new couple had their first date, which broke up by the sea.

However, Luca refused to drink and was only partially receptive to Danica’s questions before returning to the villa.

Luca was on a date with Danica last night


Luca was on a date with Danica last nightCredit: ITV
Luca made it clear that he was interested in Gemma


Luca made it clear that he was interested in GemmaCredit: Eroteme

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