FAMU’s march band performed at a fashion show in Paris

From Tallahassee to Paris, France, a marching band from the University of Florida A&M (FAMU) held an unforgettable performance today at the SS23 Louis Vuitton Men’s Show. The band headed to the runway while the cheerful participants enjoyed the fashion show.

Thirty-second viral footage was published by a fashion and cultural writer, @aiyanaish, saying “FAMU’s incomparable Marching 100 performs at the Louis Vuitton SS23 Men’s Show in Paris today.”

FAMU’s is not only known for its high-achieving scientists, but also for its influential Marching 100. Their college band program has been a major component of Southern marching band culture for years – along with programs such as Southern University and Jackson State University – that often become viral sensations for their popular performances of modern songs.

The inclusion of FAMU at the Louis Vuitton fashion show in Paris is not shocking for true music lovers across the country. If the program of any band was more in tune with the posh show on the runway, it would definitely be those rattlesnakes.

Attendees like Kendrick Lamar are seen in the show enjoying their memorable entry.

Some social media users attribute Beyoncé’s show Homecoming which is embellished because of her musical influence on music and culture.

While others admit that Beyonce had a great influence and that she paid tribute to HBCU culture in that cult performance Homecoming.

The industry has come a long way, celebrating the musical contribution of our people. One fan admits these feelings below the topic by saying, “We have come a long way and are making progress !!! #proudblackmoment ”

What a way to end the last weeks of Black Music Month! Congratulations to FAMU on an exciting performance in Paris! Watch the complete performance here.

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