Famous chef Gordon Ramsay eats Manchester Tart on a surprise visit to a new cake shop in Salford

Open celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay showed off his sweet side when he headed to a new Salford cake cake for a surprise visit on a break from filming this week. Gordon is believed to be filming on a strictly confidential new project in the city.

And as he enjoyed a little rest in the sun, he couldn’t resist going to the quaint new Loaf Cake Cafe on the waterfront River Irwell – where he tasted a local dessert. For Kitchen Nightmares, star Gordon chose a piece of cake with the taste of Manchester Tart, this week’s special on Loaf.

The stunned staff at Loaf couldn’t believe it when the superstar restaurant showed up with the crew on a break from filming. Loaf owner Aiden Ryan couldn’t resist asking for a quick photo with Gordon that he posted on his Instagram page, quickly gathering likes.

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Aiden wrote on Instagram: “NEWS RIGHT. We had a cheeky visit from the only Gordon Ramsay and his team! Thank you for joining us on a piece of Manchester Tart and for your good wishes !! What a gentleman !!”

Aiden Ryan with famed chef Gordon Ramsay in front of his Loaf Cafe

Just a coffee shop opened five weeks ago in a new unit at Affinity Living Riverview Development in Salford, but has already become a real hit in the area. It boasts delicious giant cakes that you can order in pieces in a daily change of taste inside a completely pink themed cafe.

The traditional Manchester tart is served in a box with cream, raspberry jam and coconut on top – and Aiden used those flavors to inspire a version of his Manchester bread cake as a specialty this week. Serve with an extra serving of cream on the side for 4 pounds.

Aiden told the men, “I couldn’t believe it. He’s one of the biggest celebrities in the world, and coming in for a piece of cake and saying he liked it was so great.

“He was filming some shots in the area, and he came downstairs with some of the team members and they were all sitting relaxing and enjoying the sun outside.

Manchester Tart

“We’ve only been open for a month, but we feel so happy because we’re constantly busy, which is nice, especially with the current climate. We have this lovely outdoor space and it’s a bit of a sun trap so people come here for a break and relax.”

Aiden, 30, started baking only during isolation when he was on vacation from his retail job for Belstaff on King Street. He started with the goal of making 120 cakes to raise money for the NHS which he did. But after the colorful creations were posted on Instagram, they became so popular that it soon became clear that he could run a business by baking them.

Aiden says: “I didn’t start until 2020, but within six months we were supplying Selfridges and Harvey Nichols – I was just that guy from Manchester who never baked a cake in his life. But I feel like everything happens for a reason, right? This seems like the only time in my life when I’m not trying to plan ahead, I’m just really enjoying every day and every moment.

Aiden’s Loaf cakes have caught Manchester’s attention

“Before Loaf, I had an idealistic plan for where I wanted to be in life, but now I’m just rolling with the waves and making progress.”

The café also serves hot and cold drinks and Aiden’s distinctive loaf cakes in flavors such as lemon meringue, jam dodger, pink panther, bourbon cream and whipped cream. He also creates a range of unusual “bread nuts” – hybrid sweet treats half cake, half donut.


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