Fairycore: Buy TikTok aesthetics

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Who didn’t want to be a fairy as a child? With their capricious images and naughty reputation, the enchanting creatures brought excitement to all our favorite fairy tales. So it may come as no surprise that at TikTok, the fascination with fairies has found a home within fairycore aesthetics.

The trend, which first gained popularity in the 2020 app, is ideal for warm weather and relies on elements from nature. Think of butterfly and flower motifs, earth tones and flowing materials. Fairycore aesthetics often include a blurred palette of pastel colors and unconventional fabrics like silk, crochet and tulle combined to create wavy silhouettes. The goal is to literally look like a fairy.

Starting from European folklore, fairies (or fairies) live in mythology. Although often associated with witchcraft and magic, the fairy remains a bit of an enigma. This is because throughout history, depictions of fairies have been both ethereal and monstrous. Today the term fairy evokes images ultra femininewinged creatures rejoicing in the woods among flower gardens, mushroom rings, and trees.

Fairycore should not be confused with the viral aesthetic of “cottagecore”, which includes sustainable living, comfortable dresses and DIY projects. Although they have similar aspects focused on nature, fairy aesthetics take this trend to the next level by adding magic to the mix.

Through its playful blend of fabrics and patterns reminiscent of nature, fairycore encourages us to rely on children’s wonder and exploring style. This is why there are many imaginative interpretations of fairycore. Figure A: A camp, theatrical look at the trend, which includes creators who cosplay themselves as fairies with wings, elven ears, and layered corsets. There is also grunge fairycorea distinctly darker style that draws from the 90s media Charmedwith stylish elements such as arm and leg warmers, jewel tones and platform shoes.

But fairycore goes beyond fashion. In fact, there is an entire TikTok page dedicated to pixie. That includes creators who live like fairies, photo sessions with fairy tale themesand aggeneral fascination with fairies and witch mythology. There is a growing desire in these online spaces to learn more about villas – whether you simply dress like them or not searching for fairy communities. It seems like we all still want to be fairies, and it’s not hard to guess why.

Fantasy is central to fairytale aesthetics. It touches our collective nostalgia from childhood and serves us to escape from mythological legends. Much like couture, style channels another fashion by pulling us out of our current reality. But unlike the ultra-exclusive design collections, fairycore is relatively easy to achieve. With a deliberately mismatched, layered look, many elements of this Generation Z trend can be restored or saved. Fairycore brings fantastic fashion to everyone.

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