Exclusive – Urmila Matondkar on stories promoted in reality shows: The contestants you see at DID Super Moms are here because of their talent, not because of the stories

Bollywood dance sensation and diva, Urmila Matondkar is all set to join the panel of judges DID Super Moms, Season 3. The actress recently spoke exclusively for ETimes TV about her love of dance, a busy schedule television medium and that is reach. The ‘Rangeela’ actress further shared her vision of today’s dance forms and the omission of the essence of Bollywood in them. She also referred to the negative criticism that reality shows receive because of the promotion sobbing stories.

“TV is quite challenging in terms of time, but it is an important medium for connecting with the audience. This factor plays a very key role in my journey because wherever I am today it is because of the audience. When I entered the industry I did not have a godfather or any film background, but only because of my hard work and the love and support of the audience could I get anywhere I am today.That’s why it’s a great way to connect with them.I came from a simple lower middle class background, I got into movies and by grace With God’s love and the support of the audience, I had a great, brilliant journey. When it comes to timing, we have so much fun on sets while filming, just laughing, making jokes, dancing and eating. is an actress.

Speaking about the negative reactions that reality shows often face due to the promotion of sobbing stories, Urmila said: “I don’t know about other reality shows, but with this show what we’re trying to do is show stories about competitors because without that we will not be able to show their travels. And why not? People need to know their path and the hard work they have invested. In addition, I want to say that the contestants you will see in the show are here because of their talent, not because of their stories. So, if you see contestants with a very emotional background in the show, their stories are not the reason why they succeeded or progressed in the show. We made sure that only those people who are talented enough go forward. ”

Urmila also shared her views on other dance forms that take over Indian Bollywood dance in reality shows: “I think everything has its beauty, space and time. There is no comparison and change is a part of life wherever you go, so why not in I dance. Everything that touches people, the audience that will be beautiful and appreciated. For me, dance is like poetry in the moment, it is something you express with your body instead of words. Well, it’s just as brilliant as our Indian tumkas, “she concluded.

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