Exclusive – Bhagyashree on Himalayan husband: Everyone painted him as a villain after I married him; my kids made me start my career again

Bhagyashree, who will soon be seen judging, DID Super Moms 3, she is very excited about her debut in reality as a judge. The Bollywood diva, who became an overnight sensation after her first film Maine Pyar Kiya and yet decided to leave Bollywood at the peak of her career, spoke to ETimes TV about her journey after her return. Bhagyashree she shared that she wants to dedicate her time to children and family after marriage, and when they grew up, they supported her and pushed her to start her career again. She went on to talk about working with Urmila Matondkar for the first time, meeting moms from all over India and receiving the love of the audience for her relationship with her husband Himalaya Dassani.

“The experience of working at DID Super Moms is great. I get the opportunity to communicate with so many moms and see their talent. I hear about their path, problems and how they managed to overcome them and come on the stage of DID Super Moms 3. It’s a journey of inspiration, feeling victories that are after so many auditions that have finally reached this stage. This is the stage where we can give all mothers self-confidence and motivate them to move forward in life and make their dreams come true, ”she said.

Speaking about her trip and the difficulties she faced when she decided to return, Bhagyashree shared: “When you talk about my trip, I made my debut with Maine Pyar Kiya 33 years ago and after my children grew up, I decided to come back There is a moment in every mother’s life when the children are growing up, the family is well organized, then she feels – now no one needs my help and guidance and then she wants to do things for herself. to think pata nahi aage ki zindagi kaisi hogi … I was very happy to give time to my family, children to raise and care for them, when I had to come back, everyone was there to support me. They told me that you have fulfilled all your obligations perfectly and that you take care of your family and now it is our turn to let you live your dreams. I was lucky to have the support of my family, especially my children. In fact, my children were the ones who told everyone in my family that now I need d and live your dreams. When they took this step, the universe helped me and things kept happening. ”

Asked about the sobs that are promoted in reality shows, the experienced actress said: “It’s not about sobs, but about the contestants’ journey from where they started and where they came from. It’s not about where they came from. It is very important to show or highlight their struggle and hard work to get to the DID Super Moms phase.This is not done to sell sobbing stories and bring TRP Ratings. It is very important that the har ka kiani kahaani audience tak pahuche. ”

Bhagyashree is working with Urmil for the first time, despite the two coming from the same industry. The actress shared that they hang out great and talk about the 90s, “Even though we’ve both been in the industry for so long and she’s actually a veteran. When I started my career at Bollywood, she was already doing a few movies, my age is major Buddy hoon but in experience she is older We haven’t met even though we have been in the industry for a long time nor have we had any interaction She is a very kind and warm person I am how we have a great time filming together, we share a lot of things and we also have a lot of discussions about the 90s and how things are changing now, ”she said.

Bhagyashree and husband Himalay were recently seen in reality and the duo received a lot of audience love for their strong relationship. Asked about the same, she said: “When Maine Pyar Kiya and the Himalayas and I got married, people didn’t know anything about him. In fact, people portrayed him as a villain because I married him and stopped working. But when people saw our recent show and saw us together and heard things about our relationship, they loved us.The audience understood our trip and learned more about the Himalayas ji.They got to know him as a person and realized that any the decision I made out of love 33 years ago was the right one. ”

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