Escape to the Chateau fans in disbelief at Strawbridge kids’ transformation

Arthur and Dorothy Strawbridge have grown up on Channel 4 as their cameras follow their parents’ journey from the UK to France as they bought and renovated a beautiful 19th century chateau

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Escape to the Chateau fans have been left gobsmacked by the transformation of Dick and Angel Strawbridge’s children.

Youngsters Arthur and Dorothy are known to viewers of the much-loved Channel 4 series which has seen cameras follow their parents’ journey from the UK to France as they bought and renovated a beautiful 19th century chateau.

The Strawbridges had plenty to celebrate over Easter as Angel turned 44 on Thursday and daughter Dorothy turned eight the following day.

The famous family marked the big days with a wholesome trip to the beach.

They were snapped enjoying the sun, sea and sand in a series of pictures posted on Instagram by the couple.

Fans were gobsmacked at how much Arthur and Dorothy Strawbridge had grown up


Fans couldn’t believe how tall Arthur had got


Birthday girl Dorothy could be seen beaming with her brother Arthur as the couple held their spades in the air.

In another snap, Dick could be seen helping his kids dig a huge hole in the sand.

The photos were captioned: “Mr & Mrs Canute… Keeping the tide out! Couple of days at the beach… it’s still birthday week … just!

“Thank you for all your lovely messages. Completely felt the love “.

Amongst the obligatory birthday well-wishes, fans found themselves flabbergasted by the Strawbridge children and how much they had grown up since the last series ended.

Arthur and Dorothy have grown up on Channel 4 as their cameras follow their parents’ journey from the UK to France as they bought and renovated a beautiful 19th century chateau



One follower commented: “Dotty is getting as tall as Arthur! Two wonderful children. ”

Another wrote: “They are growing up so fast! Slow down Father Time! “

A third echoed: “Wow the kids are really growing up fast !!!”

“They are growing so big, so fast !!!,” a fourth posted while another added: “Gosh, Arthur and Dorothy are growing up all too quickly.”

Earlier this year, Dick was forced to speak out about claims that growing up in a castle has made his young children ‘spoilt’.

The TV personality and his wife Angel insist that life in the beautiful Chateau de la Motte-Husson has not stopped their children from being down-to-earth.

The duo are famous for renovating a huge chateau in France


Channel 4 Picture Publicity)

They spoke to BBC Radio 5 Live host Nihal Arthanayake in January about the reality of growing up in the French property that boasts a staggering 45 rooms.

Dick insisted that the young children were not spoiled at all and that they already knew the values ​​of working for what you have.

He said, “This is ridiculous. My eldest daughter, Charlotte [from a previous marriage]said, ‘How are Arthur and Dorothy not going to be spoiled living in a castle?’

“To be fair, they haven’t known anything different, they know that you work to actually achieve the life you do. Those values ​​and the things that we do, they are very aware of that.

Dorothy turned eight the day after her mum’s birthday


The Strawbridges had plenty to celebrate over Easter


Channel 4)

“Yes, they’ve got a lovely playroom full of their stuff, their bedrooms, they’ve got a lovely environment. But their friends come to play and it’s nothing unusual. It’s just normal.

“When Arthur and Dorothy go to visit their friends in the village, you know, they know it’s different, but they don’t see it as being anything particularly different.”

Angel also jumped in to make it known that although the family do live in a large home, her two children share a “relatively small” room and that only one bathroom gets used by the family.

She went on to say that if everyone had their own room in the castle it would be like “moving to the next-door neighbor’s house”.

Escape to the Chateau’s Dick Strawbridge and wife Angel Adoree


Channel 4)

The couple purchased the huge chateau for £ 280,000 which needed intense amounts of renovation as it had stood empty for 40 years.

Now the beautiful Chateau-de-la-Motte Husson has a value of £ 2million and is a popular choice for an extravagant wedding location – with them being able to charge £ 34,000 a day .

Viewers can see the couple renovate their home on the Channel 4 reality show Escape to the Chateau.

The show first aired in June of 2016 and now has 8 seasons out.

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