Emma Thompson was called “disappointing and insulting” because she wore a “disgusting” thick Matilda suit

Love Actually, actress Emma Thompson has undergone an almost unrecognizable transformation due to the role of Ms. Trunchbull in Matilda’s new adaptation with heavy prostheses and the addition of a thick suit

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Matilda: Emma Thompson stars in a movie music trailer

British actress Emma Thompson she faced a huge reaction from fans who accused her of being “disappointing and insulting” for wearing a thick suit in Matilda’s adaptation.

In a brand new musical adaptation of the 1996 film, Emma, ​​63, plays Agatha Trunchbull – the terrifying and cruel primary school principal Crunchem Hall from Roald Dahl’s now cult book.

Emma, ​​who also starred in the films Love Actually and Sense and Sensibility, has undergone an almost unrecognizable transformation for her role as Ms. Trunchbull with heavy prostheses and the addition of a thick suit.

Following the release of the long-awaited trailer, the new film was declared ‘offensive’ due to Emma’s transformation and the ‘unnecessary’ need to look bigger than she is with the help of a thick suit.

Metro columnist Emmie Harrison-West seems to have sparked a heated debate Twitter as she pointed out the previous time Emma wore thick suits to look larger in size than would fit the description of her character.

Emma has undergone an almost unrecognizable transformation for her role as Mrs. Trunchbull



She wrote: “Thick suits are so normalized that some people probably haven’t even noticed – and that’s what’s so frustrating.”

The writer also pointed out that the very beloved actress put on a prosthesis for changing her body for her role N Anny McPhee and she wore fake bingo wings and jaws for their role in The Legend of Barney Thomson.

And not only that, Emma was also equipped with a ‘thick’ suit to play Karen in Love Actually – something that the columnist found incredibly disappointing.

“You know, a middle-aged wife of size 16 is supposed to be a‘ state ’, a comfortable shoe and a floor-length skirt, which was inevitably cheated?

Fans called the new adaptation ‘disappointing’



“As a larger woman, I find this caricature of my body type extremely dehumanizing and humiliating. It is not ethical, authentic or representative of any experience. ”

Others also shared their disgust online after the trailer for the new adaptation was released.

“It was really disappointing to see Emma Thompson wearing a thick suit for this role. I have always loved her work. But this is so disgusting, ”one fan complained.

Emma has not yet responded to criticism



“It’s really discouraging to see such a beautiful woman who has to go to such measures for a role,” echoed another.

“Either hire a fat actor (there are! Really! You could even have an A-list of careers if you actually put them in fat roles instead of giving them to skinny actors with bad makeup!) Or just make Trunchbull skinny. a stereotypically fat role anyway, ”someone else suggested.

While the fourth shared, “Honestly, I thought we were becoming more progressive as a society. But this is just backwards. So awful.”

Emma has not yet responded to criticism.

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