Elham Shaheen reappears in the same dress as at the El Gouna festival

Elham Shaheen, an Egyptian star, was among the stars and celebrities who recently attended the activities of the Djerba Festival of Arab Cinema at its first session in Tunisia, and wanted to show off some of her recognizable looks during her presence at the festival through her account on social media pages network.

Ilham Shaheen in a dress that combines a floral and wild pattern

While paying tribute to Ilham Shaheen from the festival management, the Egyptian star decided to re-dress the dress from her wardrobe, in which she had previously appeared a few months ago at the activities of the El Gouna Film Festival in its fifth session.

The dress consisted of layers of long chiffon, with wide shoulders and a separate scarf of the same material as the dress, which was decorated with rose patterns and wild brown patterns. At the El Gouna festival, Elham matched that look with a red necklace, although the dress Elham wore a few months ago caused controversy among her companions and felt it was not appropriate for her, but she ignored some criticism and decided to wear the same dress. she wore it again at the Djerba festival, but replaced the red necklace with a thin diamond necklace.

Elham Shaheen is wearing her famous dress again

Inas Al Deghidi and the famous silver blouse

Elham Shaheen was not the only artist of her generation who decided to re-train the previously controversial fashion, and she was preceded by director Enas Al-Deghaidi, as the Egyptian director attended the activities of the Red Sea Film Festival, and chose to appear. at one of those events in the famous silver dress she previously wore at the opening ceremony of the El Gouna Film Festival 2020.

At the opening of the El Gouna 2020 Film Festival, Enas El Degheidy wore a white skirt and a bright silver blouse with prominent shoulders, featuring medium-length sleeves on one arm, while on the other hand something resembling a scarf adorned with tassels fell off. from a blouse to cover her whole arm.In front of a series of her fashion-conscious companions, who confirmed that she had come out of the ordinary with a strange and inappropriate look for her.

Inas decided to wear the same silver blouse again at one of the Red Sea Festival events, but she also replaced the white skirt with white Charleston pants, but left her short hair hanging over her shoulders, instead of lifting it as she did. in his first appearance with that look.

Enas Al Degheidy in the same silver blouse

Laila Elwi is wearing her unique clothes again

Artist Laila Elwi is also among the stars who have decided to wear one of her most famous outfits lately, so she appeared in a video in which she re-presented one of the scenes from the movie “Love of Girls”, dressed in the same dress she wore in that time, which was characterized by black color and decorated with a huge red heart in half.Upper, with long and narrow mesh sleeves.

Laila Elwi in a “Love of Girls” dress.

And it wasn’t the first time the Egyptian star has worn one of her costumes again on various occasions, as she recently caught her eye while attending her friend, star Ilham Shaheen’s birthday party, when she wore a short classic dress in black, features stereoscopic and long sleeves, and decorated with folds. Simple at the waist, and at the bottom at the ends decorated with silver chains, but the audience admired this look.

Laila Elwi in a black dress

Pictures from the El Gouna festival and main Instagram accounts

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