Ed Sheeran achieves his second victory in a copyright lawsuit because a judge awarded him $ 1.5 million in costs

Ed Sheeran he achieved his second victory in his recent copyright trial after a British judge awarded the singer more than $ 1.1 million ($ 1.5 million) in costs.

That amount represents approximately 90 percent of Sheeran’s legal account.

Explaining his decision to award such significant costs to Sheeran, Judge Antony Zacaroli wrote in his ruling: “The starting point is to identify the winners and losers in the lawsuit, as the general rule is that the unsuccessful party pays the successful party. There is no dispute about this: [Sheeran] undoubtedly won and won at every significant point. “

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Singer Ed Sheeran performs during the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Choice
Singer Ed Sheeran will perform during the Platinum Jubilee Election in front of Buckingham Palace on June 5, 2022 in London, England. (Getty)

In April, Judge Zacaroli ruled that Sheeran did not plagiarize a 2015 song called ‘Oh Why’ by Sami Chokri in his hit ‘Shape of You’.

Sheeran co-authored ‘Shape of You’ along with Snow Patrol singer Johnny McDaid and producer Steve Mac (he used his official name Steven McCutcheon during the trial), who were co-prosecutors in the lawsuit.

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Chocri’s legal team claimed that Sheeran had the opportunity to listen to – and plagiarize – Chocri’s song, through an advertising campaign and mutual friends, including SBTV founder Jamal Edwards (who died unexpectedly just before the trial).

However, in his judgment, Mr. Zacaroli said: “I do not accept this. Mr. Chokri is undoubtedly a serious and talented songwriter and while his management has not surprisingly tried to create some pomp around the release of the Solace EP, he has had limited success.”

“In my opinion, the possibility that these attempts could have led to Mr. Sheeran’s attention – either because it was released to him by someone with whom he was connected or because he found it himself – is speculative at best.”

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In April, following Judge Zacaroli’s verdict, Sheeran released a video statement saying:

“Although we are obviously satisfied with the result, I think that such requests are now too common and we have become a culture in which lawsuits are filed with the idea that a settlement will be cheaper than court proceedings, even if there is no basis for claim. It’s really detrimental to the songwriting industry. “

Sheeran is believed to be still battling another copyright lawsuit, for his song ‘Thinking Out Loud’, and in 2016 he was sued for the song ‘Photograph’. The case was resolved out of court.

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