Dress for success as you return to the office

Comfort has become an all-encompassing topic as we work now

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Are you afraid of your closet?

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The changes and challenges associated with the pandemic are numerous – have you lost your job, body shape, zipper, self-confidence? Your clothes tell a story.

The fear around the wardrobe after the pandemic is real and what to wear is the most important thing when you switch from zoom to a dark workplace, even if it is a hybrid arrangement. Going to their first personal meeting for lunch or networking can lead to stress in dressing. “There was a lot of concern about what to wear as we returned to the office,” says personal stylist Renée Lindo, of Let’s get dressed now.

“As a stylist, what I see in clients who struggle with folding clothes or getting dressed in the morning is that their wardrobe no longer suits them. Their lifestyle has changed, they have gained weight or lost weight, changed jobs or simply decided that they want to look different and no longer want to wear what they used to. But their wardrobe does not suit this new life, ”says Lindo.

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Henry Navarro Delgado.  (Toronto Metropolitan University)
Henry Navarro Delgado. (Toronto Metropolitan University) Photo attached /Henry Navarro

According to Henry Navarro Delgado, director of the graduate program in fashion at the Metropolitan University of Toronto (formerly Ryerson), “the restlessness of the wardrobe after the pandemic has been exacerbated by changes in workplace culture and the fact that people’s bodies have changed in recent years.”

Although office culture is more relaxed than before, says Delgado, the comfort of a clear dress code has now disappeared with the old office culture. “The rules about what makes a professional dress in a relaxed office are not so clear. In addition, many previous office clothes either do not look stylish in a new office or workplace, are out of fashion or do not fit perfectly. ”

Comfort has become an all-encompassing topic as we work now, and employees are not giving up, and employers want to have a certain level of professionalism, says Lindo. letsgetdressednow.com. This can absolutely be achieved with new options for work and leisure.

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For those of you who are indulging – even if you’re doing a hybrid arrangement – have a few specific office garments, Degado advises. “Clothes not only make us look professional, but also make us feel professional. Whatever your new professional means. ”

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Be sure to dress according to your personal style and body: “It’s okay to include some new trends, but only if they suit your physical attributes and suit your style preferences.”

Instead of remodeling your full professional wardrobe, keep some of the pieces that still work and get some new parts that truly improve your body and personal style, he says.

According to Linda, our clothes communicate for us before we speak. “We talk so much about the colors, styles, patterns and details we wear.

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“Usually the style or cut of an item is tailored to a person’s personality, how we want to feel and our overall atmosphere. It is the outward expression of who we are on the inside. ”

Keep in mind that flatter cuts with clean lines are usually more formal, so consider corporate dresses that are processed, she says. Long and fluttery styles usually match the boho, relaxed, weekend style and personality, while the outgoing personality usually resonates with bright colors and patterns. “Wearing yellow and orange is a happy, friendly and open person.”

Let your clothes work for you with the advice of Renée Lindo:

  • It starts with clarity. You really have to spend some time thinking about who you are and how you want to appear now. How have you changed?
  • Think about your new way of life. How will you spend your time now? What are you not going to do or do more now or less? This helps you know what to get rid of to make your wardrobe work for you now
  • Understand your body shape and how best to dress your shape. It makes a difference when you wear clothes that flatter your shape and emphasize your property. (See Lindo’s Train your body the best)
  • Invest in tailoring. Spending money to make your clothes tailored to your body changes the game in terms of fitting. It will look like the garment is made especially for you. A $ 40 dress can look like hundreds of dollars when you have a flawless cut.

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DUER stretch pants.  (Photo by Taylor Burk)
DUER stretch pants. (Photo by Taylor Burk) Photo attached /Taylor-Burk.

Keeping things simple is key

It all comes down to making it as simple as possible, says Gary Lenett, co-founder DUER a leading Canadian brand for work and leisure.

Aim for a wardrobe of very diverse clothing designed to mix and match, says Lenett, with a muted color palette so you can easily switch between surroundings and occasions and go well with any footwear that already lives in your closet.

“We’ve removed the speculation of ‘what’s appropriate for the office’ by creating clothing that can withstand physical travel, personal meetings and hidden features and fibers for the comfort offered by your WFH setting,” says Lenett, of duer.ca.

Cabinets should be flexible, flattering timeless, with built-in real-life performance. “As workspace conventions break, we have doubled our belief that versatility and comfort are key components of what new casual wear should look like.”

Versatile DUER smart stretch pants (photo supplied)
Versatile DUER smart stretch pants (photo supplied) Photo delivered /DUER

Stir in fabrics that are made to feel like living room clothing while being sophisticated, made predominantly of plant fibers including Tencel, Lyocell and organic cotton, with a bit of lycra spandex so you can move around easily.

“We’ve simplified the way people dress; the same pair of pants can travel from hiking, to work or to dinner. Less in the closet means less in the landfill, and less time to store means more time to live. ”

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