Dipika Kakar reveals she has been diagnosed with PCOS, mother-in-law shares to send ‘Ghar Ka Khan’ on recordings

Dipika Kakar reveals she has been diagnosed with PCOS, mother-in-law shares to send 'Ghar Ka Khan' on recordings

We heard that jodis they were created in heaven, and Dipika Kakar and Shoaib Ibrahim are perfect examples of this. Television actors crossed paths on set Sasural Simar Ka 2011, but little did they know that their love affair would become real after a few years. Moreover, Dipika was already married at that time and it was not easy for her to get out of a problematic marriage. However, Dipika showed courage and divorced her ex-husband Raunak Mehta in 2015.

And after dating for three years the man of her dreams, Shoaib Ibrahim, she exchanged sacred vows with him in nikah ceremony on February 22, 2018. Since then, they have achieved great couples with their soft romance and sweet PDAs. In a recent media interaction, Dipika revealed how her mother-in-law helped her after she was diagnosed with PCOS. After four years of marriage, she also talked about her equation with her husband and father-in-law.

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In a recent interview with ETimes, Dipika Kakar said she had recently developed PCOS. However, as Dipik’s mother stays in Pune, that’s her ammi which Dipiki sends lunch and tea boxes on his recordings every day without a mistake. The actress said that her mother-in-law always takes care of her health and makes sure she eats ‘ghar ka khanu’. Remembering how her body gave up on her when she was filming for Sasural Simar Ka for more than 6 years she shared:

“I called PCOS very recently. I never knew I had this problem. When we shoot, we don’t realize the long hours of filming. During that time, my mother-in-law played an important role. My mother stays in Pune. So Ammi made sure I got tiffin every day and ate ghar ka khana. There was a moment when my body completely gave up when I was filming for Simar for 6 years. She would send food and tea every day without a mistake. Whether it’s quantity or I have a ghee company or not, Ammi and Saba would take care of everything. ”


Later in the interview, Dipika was asked if it is a boon or a pity to go out with someone from a similar industry. In addition, the beauty mentioned that marrying Shoaib is a blessing for her because they like to return home immediately after packing. She also said that her husband does not have bad habits. in her words:

“I think it was a blessing for us because our nature has always been pretty similar. We like to pay attention to work and we don’t like a lot of fun and socializing. Individually, also when we were not going out, we would like to go home after packing. We are very blessed because we do not have any bad habits or anything like that. ”

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Staying in a joint family can sometimes be problematic because different people have different opinions, which leads to quarrels. However, Deepika turned her attention to how to lead a happy married life and talked about maintaining a bridge between her mother-in-law and daughter-in-law Saba. Dipik can be quoted as saying:

“I have always heard from people, and even from some of my friends, that they disagree with their in-laws. But I would like to pay tribute to Shoaib because he is the one who was the starting bridge between us. I am from another environment, and Ammi and Saba are from different backgrounds. Everyone in our family knows their roles and that’s why we are always happy. ”


For the uninitiated, Deepika and Shoaib celebrated their fourth wedding anniversary on February 22, 2022.

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