Digital fur fashion collection to eradicate the fur industry

One hundred million animals are raised and killed each year to supply the fur industry. Today Mobiquitypart of Hexaware, which enables full-service digital transformation, launches the ‘UNFUR:’ campaign in partnership with International Coalition Against Fur (IAFC) and the University of Westminster to raise awareness of the crimes of the global fur trade.

As part of the campaign, Westminster University students designed a digital fur fashion collection that includes five fashion pieces digitized by Mobiquity and Hexaware as NFT.

The fashion collection, announced at MET AMS: Europe’s leading Metaverse festival and posted on the UNFUR campaign website, invites the general public to buy them on a sustainable blockchain with all proceeds from the sale and resale of NFT donated to the International Anti-Fur. The coalition in its fight against the fur trade.

More information about the UNFUR campaign can be found at

Paul Raak, creative director, Mobiquity, said: “The goal of the UNFUR campaign is to raise awareness of the crimes of the global fur trade and to collect donations from the International Coalition against Fur. We want to reach everyone with an affordable and inclusive campaign because we need the support of consumers, fashion designers, creative and design agencies, NGOs, galleries, exhibitions and museums to eradicate the fur industry. The digital fur fashion collection, located in Metaverse, shows how digital innovations can create a sustainable future. ”

Jane Free Moreno, The founder of the International Coalition against Fur (IAFC) said: “I am very grateful and honored for this cooperation. The unique work created by very talented designers is very inspiring. They thus clearly convey the message by creating these perfect allegories of the universal law of “cause and effect”: that anything wrong done to Mother Earth, such as abuse, slaughter and skinning, has a direct impact on people as well. Everything is reflected on us. There is no way out: we all have free choice, but we are never free from the consequences caused by our choices.

“Another message that was very striking to me as I looked at these powerful images is yes; In 2022, it is high time to evolve through the abolition of one of the cruelest industries, the Blood Fashion fur trade: UNFUR in the world. No earthling should be killed for greed and ego anymore. It is high time we respect our planet and all its living beings. Also, these striking avant-garde designs are a precise reflection of everyone who wears animal fur and their inhuman egoistic side without emotions: NO soul, heart, brain, thoughts and feelings for anyone but themselves. The fur should only be seen on their original owners: The Animals. ”

“In 2022, it is high time that we all reflect only goodness, unity and exclusively reflect empathy, love and compassion.”

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