DeDe In The Morning and Nikki Lewis think about the first annual Crème De Le Crème fashion show in Dallas

Photo credit Nick White

Last weekend, was invited by MR Color_ CEO to cover the first annual Crème De Le Crème fashion show.

De De In the Morning at K104 hosted a fashion brought to us by Nikki Lewis, Jason Mitchell and Nikki Tee.

Politicians, judges, Jaylen Smith and Craig Robinson from New Orleans Saints were some of the models on the show. Crème fashion show De Le Crème also presented designers from Dallas to raise money for the Oak Cliff community.

When she spoke to Nikki Lewis, she shared why it was important to introduce Dallas designers.

“I’ve always been a fashion person and I love to plan clothes and make women and men feel beautiful. I wanted to do something for the haute couture community as opposed to a regular fashion show and train different designers. I also wanted to highlight some of the designers that many people are not necessarily aware of in Dallas or around the world. So there were designers who sent us things from all over the world in boxes and just supported us, ”Lewis said.

“I did not think it would be this much, but I appreciate all the support. I did it because it was more of a charity event. We will continue to do such things next year. So it was a goal to give back to the community and make people spend the night in the city and feel nice and beautiful. Put on your best clothes and go out to see the beautiful things of other designers. ”

Lewis also spoke about the fact that public figures and celebrities were present.

“There are a lot of great individuals here, all mayors and judges. Of course, you have the mayor of New Orleans [LaToya Cantrell]and Mayor Curtis J. Cornelious of Little Elm. So, it’s fantastic. I didn’t know that so many people would come and show up. I liked the audience and the response we got. ”

Per Lewis, a program called Live University.

“Live University is a fast internship program that allows students to have on-the-job training in a variety of fields. Such as film and TV And in my case fashion. Our entire production team was the first students to drop the program !! For many of them, this was their first fashion show. ”

The three principles of Live University are leadership, entrepreneurship and philanthropy. also spoke to DeDe from K 104 at The Morning’s DeDe McGuire about which designs she thought were the best at the fashion show.

“There were so many of them, and it was great to see so many great people from Dallas living here in the city; it was hard to say, ”McGuire said.

“They were also good each, and you thought it was like each one for me.”

We also had a chance to talk to one of the designers named Oliver Michael Fitzpatrick with Ndeed Regime.

“My name is Oliver Michael Fitzpatrick, and I am a fashion designer at Ndeed Regime LLC. I have been doing this since 2013 and the experience has been amazing. I think tonight’s vibes and ambiance are great. She had good food and good music. We got some water because it was 100 degrees outside. We have people here with all kinds of places, ”Fitzpatrick said.

“They have shadows, hats, accessories and various things. It turned out nice, man, and I enjoyed it. I am honored to present my brand here among this great group of people, and now you can hear the music; it’s a vibration. “

As Fitzpatrick said, it was a fun and enjoyable event and could feature many different designers. All of this was also a big goal within the Dallas community, and we here at can’t wait to see what else Nikki Lewis has to offer for advancement.

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