Deborah James responds to criticism for ‘uninvited joke’ by Meghan Markle

Ladies Deborah James responded to critics who claimed she had ridiculed Meghan Markle ahead of the Queen’s platinum jubilee celebrations

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Ladies Deborah James she responded to criticism of the remark she made Meghan Markle on the eve of the Queen’s platinum jubilee celebrations on weekends.

The 40-year-old, who has been in treatment at her parents ’home after battling gut cancer since 2016, said she was“ determined ”not to die over the weekend and therefore“ stole the thunder ”from Meghan Markle.

Deborah was hit by criticism on social media by a number of people who thought it was “undesirable” ridicule at the expense of the Duchess of Sussex.

She posted an explanation for the comment on Twitter on Sunday morning, telling her 103,000 followers that it was a “joke”.

Deborah James explained her comment to Meghan Markle


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She wrote on Twitter : “Comment Meghan is a joke, obviously you can still find a farewell party in your day!

“It simply came to our notice then. Is death the last taboo of them all?

“I thought talking about pooping was hard, but navigating through fecal care makes it easier to check your poop compared to DNR chat and respect documents!”

After the criticism, Deborah’s statement was praised with many kind words of support.

Lady Deborah James said she was “joking” with her comment on the eve of the Queen’s Jubilee

One commented: “If people don’t see humor, it’s not up to you … You’re kidding as much as you want. This is your experience. It’s up to us to support you in that (although we’d rather not all have to).”

Another wrote: “A little rough, but nothing of humor to maintain the mood. Debs is doing great. ”

Podcast presenter Deborah inadvertently caused controversy with her comment on social media.

Late last week, when the platinum jubilee celebrations began, she told The Sun: “I am determined not to die during the jubilee weekend, I don’t want Meghan to steal my thunder.

“I didn’t work so hard to raise awareness about cancer and money to help find a cure, only to miss another cover page when I left.”

Deborah James responded to the criticism

Some misunderstood the comment, and one person tweeted, “What a bizarre thing to say!”

Another confused tweeter wrote: “I hope you will live after the jubilee weekend. However, Meghan’s comment was undesirable. ”

Then they added on Twitter: “When Deborah James she even jokes that she doesn’t want anyone – let alone Meghan Markle – to steal her thunder, we all lose a little respect for her. ”

Since discovering she has only a few months left to live, Deborah has launched her own fund for babies in gut cancer research in the UK and raised more than £ 6 million in a matter of weeks.

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