Confirmed date of K-pop icon on Celine show

BTS V will be at Paris Fashion Week to attend the Celine men’s collection for spring / summer 2023. Fans started the celebration early by saying that dreams come true because this would be the first appearance of the Guinness World Record holder at Paris Fashion Week. Check out the date and all about the Celine event below.

V aka Kim Taehyung is regularly praised by fashion critics for his unique individuality in embodying different styles of clothing, as well as for his gender-neutral refreshing sense of dress.

26-year-old Sweet Night Crooner’s casual look wearing a plain Celine T-shirt was also a particular weakness for the fandom as they show how Tae can dazzle in the slightest style of clothing.

Now Kim Taehyung will be joined by his friend and famous superstar Park Bogum to attend the Celine spring / summer 2023 menswear collection.

Photo: Frazer Harrison / Getty Images for The Recording Academy

BTS V date confirmed at Paris Fashion Week

According to Korean media reports, BTS V will be at the Celine S / S 2023 event for the men’s collection on June 26. V will be accompanied by the star of Record Of Youth Park Boguma and will attend a performance that will take place at 9.30 pm Paris time / June 27 at 4.30 am KST.

Reports also reveal that Kim Taehyung will travel to Paris on June 24 along with Bogum.

Fans celebrate the beginning of a new era with V’s fashion show

BTS V has been a celebrated fashion icon over the years, and now the ‘Handsome Man in the World’ will be attending Paris Fashion Week. To celebrate the new era, BTS V fans are bringing back Taehyung’s distinctive look of wearing Celine t-shirts. See below.

Anticipating the impact of the global superstar on the fashion show, the fan wrote: “VxCELINE will definitely be history this year!”

A similar tweet read, “Definitely, he will be the main event where he will be everywhere in trend and the media will go crazy for him. VxCELINE KIM TAEHYUNG X CELINE. ”

Another KTH enthusiast said: “Life is never boring with KIM TAEHYUNG. In a few days, we got exciting news about music, acting, and now about fashion with VxCELINE. I wonder what other surprises are in store. One is sure. Taehyung will take us on an exciting toboggan ride in this chapter 2. ”

Tell us your favorite Taehyung fashion event @HITCkpop. Upload Kim Taehyung’s playlist below.

Meanwhile, BTS V at Paris Fashion Week: Confirmed date of K-pop icon at Celine show

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