Christian Wilkins ’perfect response to the troll after appearing on the red carpet Logies

The model and star of reality TV knew what to say when he was the target of criticism for his very daring look on the red carpet Logies.

Christian Wilkins retaliated against the troll on social media, after he was criticized for wearing a dress at this year’s Loggia.

She is a famous model and star of reality TV – who is the son of Nina’s host Richard Wilkins his glamorous and sharp fashionwho was in full display on the red carpet at a Sunday event.

The 27-year-old was applauded for his see-through floor-length dress – but one Twitter user disputed, writing next to his picture: “STOP normalizing this nonsense !!! IT’S NOT NORMAL !!! ”

Wilkins retweeted the criticism, adding a very rude response: “Manhood ends… burn everything!”

Earlier this year, Wilkins shouted A “completely homophobic and misogynistic” media report on the clothes he wore on the opening day of the Mardi Gras Festival in Sydney.

After coming out in a spectacular tight pink dress with a neckline, he went to his Instagram Stories to proudly share his appearance in Daily Telegraph‘s Sydney Confidential section with its 29,500 followers.

But he also took the opportunity to prose a Daily mail a headline that read, “Man, look like a lady! Richard Wilkins’ great son Christian boasts of his VERY tight figure in a tight pink mini dress with bold necklines ”.

Back in 2018, talking to the podcast Balls DeepWilkins revealed the difficulties he had in accepting his sexuality in his teens.

“I think I’m very confident, but I think that self-confidence comes from low self-esteem. Now I’ve come to the point where I really like it … but when I was younger … I was a weird, artistic gay kid who didn’t really fit in, “he said.

Wilkins spoke of his “affinity” for wearing skirts to Nina 2018, describing the pants as “the worst”.

“I’m sure we can all agree, male or female, there is no better feeling than going home and taking off your pants,” he told the publication.

“It relaxes the mind, and the feeling of air in the upper thigh provides great relief. However, much of the male culture, especially in Australia, seems to refuse to push towards men’s skirts. ”

He explained that he had “fond memories” of dressing in his mother’s clothes as a child, or of watching the Mardi Gras parade from the balcony of his father’s Sydney apartment, and that he “envied all the women in their beautiful clothes” – before he learned that “many, in fact, were not women.”

Wilkins added: “I have continued to wear skirts, black skirts, miniskirts, skirts that make me look like a Cher Horowitz style icon from Clueless, for reasons of comfort and fashion.

“And also, in the hope that if there’s a little boy on the Internet who also loves skirts, he knows it’s okay – in fact, it’s fantastic.”

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