Chris Hemsworth loves the Sydney tradition of Avengers Supertee

The Sydney tradition was shocked when it received a call from Disney, let alone Chris Hemsworth jumped into his ingenious idea to help sick children.

Jason Sotiris was sitting in his daughter Angela’s hospital room, looking at his little girl and feeling helpless.

She cried. She had just vomited, and the tangle of drops and tubes around her bed made her even more upset.

At just one year old, doctors discovered tumors all over Angela’s small body and she was given a 20 percent chance of defeating a rare disease out of 100,000 called multisystem Langerhans cell histiocytosis.

“I have vivid memories of that evening,” said Jason, a former professional.

“After we got the diagnosis, it was a real shock. We knew something was wrong, but we didn’t expect it to be life threatening.

“They gave her a 20 percent chance of survival, and I remember feeling so helpless and sad at the time.”

Fortunately, young Angela won that battle at the age of four, and as of today, she has recently turned 10, with no signs of illness.

However, from that dark moment in the family history of the Sotiris, a brilliant idea was born that will continue to support sick children across the country, their families, as well as hospital staff.

It wasn’t until young Angela woke up one day coughing and vomiting on herself where she was staying at Westmead Children’s Hospital in Sydney that Jason had a glowing moment.

“I wanted it to be as clean and hygienic as possible, but when it came back, it was really hard to try to change it with all the wires and pipes – and Angela didn’t want to wear a hospital gown,” Jason explained.

Then the traditional father came up with Supertee – medical clothing for children inspired by superheroes designed not only to lift the mood of sick children, but also to help hospital staff change children.

The capes are double as bibs, there are side openings for pipes, access lines and access temperature and 100 percent cotton.

Jason – along with his friend Yusuf Muklis, launched Supertee in 2018 and since then more than 13,000 Supertees have gone to hospitals across Australia to help already brave children gain extra courage.

To the shock and happiness of Sotiris’ family, this year they received an invitation from Disney who wants to cooperate – which in turn attracted the attention of Chris Hemsworth.

“I had to pinch myself. I really couldn’t believe that I was talking to the filmmakers we love so much and that now our kids in the hospital are becoming Avengers themselves, and for Chris Hemsworth and Brie Larson to show their support is a dream come true, ”Jason said.

The partnership will enable the launch of the Supertee Marvel Edition

Captain Marvel and Captain America Supertee.

Both Chris and Brie are big fans of the charity they filmed special video when children get their Supertee.

“Hi kids, now I’ve heard you’re getting something very, very special,” Chris says of the two new Superteas.

Do you know what that means? ”He continued.

That means that you have officially acquired the status of a hero “, added Brie.

“And you’re the biggest and strongest … when I put on my costume in Avengers, I feel like I can accept anything,” Chris said.

“So the Avengers are behind you every step of the way, we’re here for you, we love you, so stay strong, stay brave, stay brave – see you soon.”

Jason said that his whole family watched the video of Hollywood stars “a million times” and screamed when they first saw him.

It is now part of a care package containing Supertee. We are setting up a full-length version so that children can watch when they receive their T-shirt. ”

Jason has since resigned from his job to dedicate himself full-time to a growing charity.

“The lesson I would like people to learn is – I’m a tradi dad who had a crack to try to solve a problem. “Do not underestimate what you are able to do to help a bad situation for the better,” he said.

“It’s amazing what we parents can do out of love and despair.”

For more information on the Supertee or to donate, visit

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