Chaitali Bagchi reacts to husband, Rupankar’s remark on KK, shares concern for daughter’s safety

Chaitali Bagchi reacts to husband, Rupankar's remark on KK, shares concern for daughter's safety

A popular Bengali singer, Rupankar Bagchi, dug his own grave cursing the late singer Krishnakumar Kunnath, popularly known as KK. Rupankar’s harsh comment that “other singers are better than KK” in a live video on Facebook was not well received by much of society. So he fell victim to nasty trolls and reactions. The Bengal singer even received death threats despite deleting a controversial video from his Facebook feed.

Now his wife Chaitali Bagchi reacted to her husband’s stupid behavior and called him ‘boka’ (naive). She also revealed how worried she is about the safety of her two young daughters after seeing the audience’s current rage against the Bagchi family. Allegedly, the couple also installed private security in their residence.

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It all started when Rupankar Bagchi came live on Facebook and questioned KK’s identity and the madness around his concert in Kolkata. As KK performed at the Nazrul Mancha in Kolkata on May 31, the internet was hectic. But, unfortunately, KK lost his life from a heart attack on the night of May 31, 2022, leaving the entire nation in utter disbelief and inconsolable grief. However, Rupankar’s controversial video about KK was already in trend on the web at the time, and many internet users condemned the singer for cursing KK.



On June 4, 2022, Rupankar’s wife, Chaitali Bagchi, opened her Facebook and wrote a heartfelt message in Bengali, calling her husband ‘hip’. She also spoke about her concern for the safety of their two teenage daughters and their sleepless nights due to death threats.

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Rupankar and Chaitali, who appear in the Bengali game, Ishmart Jodi adores the Bengali show business industry. In her song, Chaitali called social media ‘adrenaline’ and stated that developments in the recent past have ‘terrorized’ them. She also advocated that her husband Rupankar stay busy in his art world and not know about the cruel world. She also stated that Rupankar’s decision to speak on behalf of Bengali singers was not welcomed by his peers.


What do you think about Rupankar’s remark about the late legendary KK singer? Let us know!

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