Celebrity Instagram Live Fails

IDK why celebrities do this more …

It got me thinking about all the other times when celebrities were chaotic, messy, awkward, problematic, and so on. when they did these Lives. So here are 14 other times IG Lives went horribly, horribly wrong:


When someone asked Adele is on the spot as much as her body was and she had no idea what that meant:

@adele / Via Instagram: @adele


When justin bieber, Kendall Jenneri Hailey Bieber continued live – this was early in the pandemic when many people were unemployed (April 2020) – and talked about how happy and privileged they were:

@justinbieber / Via Instagram: @justinbieber

“How blessed we are – a lot of people in this time have a bad situation. They’re watching us, and obviously, we’ve worked hard on where we are. We can’t feel bad about the things we have, but it’s important to take the time to admit that there are people who are fighting, ”Justin said. Kendall nodded along with Justin and said, “Yeah, I keep thinking about it.”


When Foodgod asked if he should go live, and people were like, “No, love”:


When Cameron Diaz clumsily read the instructions of her team “Attach a comment” aloud, and then struggled all the time because she did not know how to work live, LMAO:

Are you struggling with social media? You are not alone! Cameron Diaz has a very interesting moment while trying to post a comment on her Instagram Live session. Look!

E! / Via Instagram: @camerondiaz


When Taylor Swift broke Instagram because so many people joined:

Christopher Polk / NBCU Photo Bank / NBCUniversal via Getty Images via Getty Images


When Bachelor’s degree star Hannah Brown said the N-word as she sang “Rockstar” on Live:

Situation of Hannah Brown on Instagram live (1) During the IG live, Hannah B sang the lyrics and spoke the word N. Attached is a video (call to @IGLivesTV for a clip) of how she says it and apologizes after fans warned her about what she said.

@hannahbrown / Via Instagram: @hannahbrown


And finally, when Lindsay Lohan accused this family in Moscow of human trafficking, and then tried to “save” a Syrian child refugees and received a punch to the face – all live:

Lindsay Lohan is doing anything here … How are you going to accuse the family of human trafficking (YOU RUN) without evidence, reach for her children and then make a “white woman victim voice” when she punches you in the ass. & why do I feel like she’s making up language?

@lindsaylohan / Via Instagram: @lindsaylohan

“I’m in shock right now. They were trafficking people. I was so scared. I literally can’t; I don’t think I’ll ever be able to change what I want,” she said. he said after the blow.

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