Calum von Moger update: Former Mr. Universe goes to rehab after window injury injury, according to video on Instagram

Australian bodybuilder and actor Calum von Moger shared news of his path to recovery after suffering horrific injuries for which he fought for his life.

The 31-year-old former Mr Universe fell from a window on the second floor of a house in Australia on May 6.

Check out the latest von Moger status update in the video player above

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Now, a member of the bodybuilding team, he announced on von Moger’s behalf that he has since applied to a rehabilitation facility.

“Some great news for you: Calum is on the road to recovery,” they said on Wednesday via a video message on Instagram.

“It’s been a week since he applied to the institution. I’m very excited about that. It will be a long road.

“It’s a long process. Anyone who has ever been through an addiction or had someone in the family with an addiction knows that it is not an easy path.

“But we wanted to thank you on behalf of Calum. Calum sends his gratitude, gratitude for all the good wishes, birthday wishes, congratulations, gifts.

“Thank you guys from the bottom of my heart. It really helped him get to where he is today, on the road to recovery. ”

The post further apologizes for the delay in updating von Moger’s condition, but adds that “there will be more news soon”.

“He continues to inspire, and he will continue to inspire, no matter what happens in the end. But we thank you guys and we will have more news for you soon, ”he said.

The bodybuilder underwent spine surgery after the fall and was recovering in the hospital surrounded by his family, before he reported to the rehabilitation institution.

In an update on Instagram from his hospital bed earlier this month, he said, “It’s nice to be alive.”

He also quoted a Bible passage: “For I know the plans that I have for you,” says the Lord.

“‘They are plans for good, not disaster, to give you a future and hope.'”

A biblical passage was followed by a video showing the injuries he sustained in the incident.

“What does waking from a bad dream look like,” wrote von Moger.

See how von Moger shared footage of his injuries from a fall in the video player below

Calum von Moger shares injuries after falling from a building on the second floor

Calum von Moger shares injuries after falling from a building on the second floor

The bodybuilder gained fame after fans compared his build to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s stature, giving him a role in the 2018 film. night – the play of young Arnold.

Fellow bodybuilder Nick Trigilli was the first to report von Moger’s fall on his YouTube channel.

Trigilli says that his former colleague – the three-time winner of Mr Universe with 3.2 million followers on Instagram – “went through a difficult period in his life”.

He initially reported that von Moger was injured “quite severely” in the incident and that he damaged his spine “to the point that he could not walk.”

“They had to call an ambulance and now he is under sedation in intensive care,” he told his companions.

Trigilli, himself a former IFBB Pro bodybuilder, said his friend had recently suffered some “stupid gym injuries”.

Calum at the gym last year. credit: Calum von Moger/Instagram

At the time of the injury, von Moger was reportedly in the process of entering the IFBB Pro League for Classical Physics.

But due to injuries, including a severe biceps cleft, he returned home to Australia, Generation Iron logged in.

On March 30, von Moger shared a raw post on Instagram, expressing hope that he would “learn from [his] make mistakes and become a better person ”.

“Everyone has a past. “We have all been through difficult times,” he said.

“I admit, I’ve messed up many times.

“But I don’t care to dwell on negative thoughts from the past.

“All I care about is learning from my mistakes and becoming a better person.

“I do my best to stay strong, but I also have my days.”

Von Moger ended the announcement by asking for “forgiveness” so that “he could continue on the right path again”.

Despite gaining his professional card in 2020, von Moger has not yet competed in any bodybuilding fair.

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