Bradley Cooper wants the director who mocked his 7 Oscar nominations to go it alone

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Bradley Cooper he has received multiple Oscar nominations for acting, writing and production, but some will forever see multi-hifenate as a guy who bleats like a seal in Wedding Crashers, a guy who has sweaty sex in a tool shed Wet hot American summeror the hangover guy Hangover. That includes some of the biggest Hollywood names, obviously.

In a recent episode of a podcast SmartLess, led by actors Jason Bateman, Sean Hayes and Will Arnett, the star recounted an incident in which the famous director was involved during his campaign for awards for A Star Is Born. Cooper was at a party with a friend of the actress when he met an unnamed director, who gave some less than flattering comments.

The 47-year-old at the time had seven nominations for his name, including praise for his performances in American Hustle, American Sniperi A Star Is Born. His friend, also a well-known performer, was previously nominated for three Oscars. According to Cooper, the director added, “What world do we live in where you have seven nominations and she only has three?”

“I’m like, ‘Brother, why are you such a jerk?'” Cooper said. “I would never forget that. Fuck you.”

Cooper was a TV star before achieving success on the big screen comedies Hangover i He just doesn’t love you. Soon, however, he took on more difficult roles in films like 2011 Unlimited and 2012 The place behind the pines. In 2014, he delighted with his turn in the Broadway revival of Bernard Pomerance’s work Elephant man.

But despite his success in drama projects, some still see him as more of a rocket raccoon than Robert De Niro.

In the same interview, he said the “actress hero” made an insulting comment when he received his first nomination for Silver Linings Playbook.

“She’s like, ‘I watched your movie. You deserve that title,'” Cooper said. I thought, ‘What? Sorry, what?’ ‘The nom. ‘ Then about 10 or 20 minutes later – I’m not kidding – I walked past her when she went to the bathroom and she said, ‘ nom. ‘ I remember [thinking], ‘What the fuck is this town?’ Can you imagine telling that to someone? You have to be fucking ready to do it. “

Maybe these Hollywood haters will be more moved by his next directorial effort, Maestro, a drama about composer Leonard Bernstein. Cooper will play Bernstein in the film, while Carey Mulligan will play actress Felicia Montealegre, Bernstein’s wife.

“Here’s a movie; a movie about marriage, a movie about family. That’s it,” Cooper said. “Why is it nuclear? Because it’s fucking king music. Music is nuclear. I had a secret weapon in A Star Is Born. It was Lady Gaga. The secret weapon I have in this movie is fucking King Leonard Bernstein and Gustav Mahler. Music! “

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