Bradley Cooper to director who rejected his Oscar nominations: ‘Fuck you’

Bradley Cooper spoke about his conflict with the famous director “a ** hole”, claiming that “he will never forget” what he told him.

Bradley Cooper will never forget the words of the famous director “a ** hole” who rejected his Oscar nominations at an industrial event in 2018.

I the Silver Linings Playbook the actor, 47, recently explained on SmartLess podcast that he still doesn’t feel respected in Hollywood, reports The New York Post.

He told hosts Jason Bateman, Will Arnett and Sean Hayes that a certain director made fun of him because he had several Oscar nominations at the time he was working for the press for his directorial debut, A Star Is Born.

Four years ago, at a Hollywood party, Cooper was hanging out with the actress and director when he said, “What kind of world do we live in where you have seven nominations [for A Star Is Born] and she only has three? ”

He told the podcast that he thought to himself at the time: “I’m like, ‘Brother, why are you such a ** hole?’ I would never forget that. Go fuck yourself. ”

The father of one child also commented on another incident dating back to the time he earned his first Oscar nomination in 2013 for Best Actor for Silver Linings Playbook.

He fought Daniel Day-Lewis, Hugh Jackman, Joaquin Phoenix and Denzel Washington, and told the podcast that an actress he didn’t recognize approached him to ‘congratulate’ him, even though good wishes were full of sarcasm.

‘She’s like,’ I watched your movie. You deserve it nom“, He exaggerated in the podcast. ‘I was like,’ What? I’m sorry, what? ‘ ‘The nom. ‘ Then, about 10 or 20 minutes later – I’m not kidding – I walked past her when she went to the bathroom and she said, ‘Nom.‘ I remember [thinking], ‘What the fuck is this town?’ Can you imagine telling that to someone? You have to be fucked to do it. ”

Cooper then admitted that he felt “worthless” and “insecure” as an actor at the beginning of his film career.

Next for Cooper is another directorial project, Maestro which records the life of the legendary West Side Story conductor Leonard Bernstein.

“Here’s the movie; a film about marriage, a film about family. That’s it, “he added of his new drama. “Why is it nuclear?” Because it’s this fucking music. Music is nuclear. I had a secret weapon inside A Star Is Born. It was Lady Gaga. The secret weapon I have in this movie is fucking Leonard Bernstein and Gustav Mahler. Music! ”

This article originally appeared in New York Post and reproduced with permission

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