Bradley Cooper says Arnett helped him overcome his cocaine addiction

  • Bradley Cooper talked about his fight against drug and alcohol addiction in the “SmartLess” podcast.
  • Cooper said talking to Will Arnett helped him change his life and sober up.
  • Cooper added that he was “so lost” that he did not see that he was hurting others.

Bradley Cooper said Will Arnett helped him sober up after he became addicted to drugs and alcohol in the early 2000s.

On Monday, Cooper appeared on Arnett’s podcast “Smart less” – led by Arnett alongside Jason Bateman and Sean Hayes – to talk about his career and the upcoming film “Maestro”. During the conversation, Cooper talked about the fight against addiction and uncertainty at the beginning of his career while sharing an apartment with Arnetta.

The actor from “Alley of Nightmares” said that he had “zero self-esteem” at the time, and thus tried to imitate the “sneaky humor” of popular comedians in order to look confident. However, Arnett changed Cooper’s life by having a difficult conversation with him after a particularly unpleasant experience at dinner.

Will said, ‘Hey, man, do you remember we had dinner the other night? How do you think it went? ‘, Cooper recalled. “I remember being at dinner thinking I was so funny, and I thought these two guys who were my heroes thought I was so funny. I was like, ‘I thought it was great. I thought I was killing.’ Will Arnett said, “You were a real asshole, man. You were a real asshole.”

Arnett then asked if he had taken his dogs to use the bathroom.

Cooper continued, “That’s when I first realized I had a drug and alcohol problem. The guy I think is doing vilely humorously tells me the truth and it changed my whole life.”

Bradley Cooper smiles

Bradley Cooper has transformed for his latest project.

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“The star was born” he said he was unaware of how his behavior hurt others and explained that he felt “worthless” at the time.

“I was so lost and I was addicted to cocaine,” Cooper explained. “Wil took that risk of having that difficult conversation with me, roughly, in July 2004, and that put me on the path of deciding to change my life. That was really Will Arnett. He’s the reason.”

Cooper said therapy and taking daughter Lee with ex-girlfriend Irina Shayk helped him stay sober.

“Everything has changed,” he said. “Every single thing is absolutely overshadowed or highlighted in magnificent colors by the fact that I became the father of a wonderful human being. It’s simply the greatest thing.”

Arnett also commented on the podcast about how he saw his longtime friend sober up.

“It was great to see you in this place and see how comfortable you feel, nothing made me happier,” Arnett said. “It made me happy to see you so happy with who you are.”

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