Bold colors, big sunglasses and wedge sandals are among the fashion trends at Glastonbury 2022.

Every year, thousands of excited festival-goers from across the UK head to Worthy Farm for Glastonbury – bringing with them some amazing fashion choices.

After three years, Worthy Farm has finally reopened, and music lovers seem to be boldly celebrating this important occasion. Glastonbury is a place where fashion rules go out the window, you can wear whatever you want, have what hair color you want, with extra sequins on top.

Over the years, we have seen the return of the infamous floral crown, bumblebees and, of course, chunky heeled boots. Regardless of the weather, fashion has remained an essential part of the experience for some.

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But what are the fashion must haves at Glastonbury 2022? These are the fashion trends we have spotted so far this year.

Multi Colors

There were a lot of colorful clothes on display
There were a lot of colorful clothes on display

We get the main vibes of the 70s with these bright colors. Bright colorful tones seem to be in vogue right now, with many retailers like River Island and New look jumping on trend. Here’s some inspiration in multiple colors from the two popular stores below:

Big sunglasses

Large sunglasses added extra glam to the outfits
Large sunglasses added extra glam to the outfits

Anything to hide a rabid hangover – right? Big sunglasses seem to be especially in trend right now, especially the colored ones. Since the weather is set to be nice and sunny with the highest temperatures of 24 degrees, you will definitely need a couple of sunshine. We have selected a few couples from River Island and ASOS who will make you look even more glamorous.

Flower Crowns

One Glastonbury participant wears the main element of the festival - a flower crown
The flower crowns are back

If you don’t wear a flower crown – are you in Glastonbury at all? It seems that the legendary headgear has returned this year, and rightly so, because it looks amazing! We found some great selections on Etsy, ranging from £ 6 to £ 30 depending on how ‘floral’ you want to go. Click here to look at Etsy flower crowns.

Wedge sandals

Three excited friends arrive at Worthy Farm on the first day of Glastonbury 2022
Wedge sandals are the perfect option for a comfortable heel

Wedge sandals are perfect for something like Glastonbury, not only are they comfortable, but they give you a good dose of extra height to watch your favorite artists. The best part? You will not push yourself in the grass like in heels, and they are incredibly comfortable. Here are some of our favorites from River Island and New Look.

Huge queues for the entrance to the first day of the Glastonbury Festival 2022

Off white sandals with a chain strap on a peg – £ 34.99

White knitted espadrilles wedge sandals – £ 27.99

Pale pink Diamanté cork wedge sandals – £ 34.99

White embossed jars with open fingers – £ 25

Beige quilted wedges – £ 30

Animal Print

Animal print is always a good idea
Animal print is always a good idea

There’s nothing like animal print, and it’s certainly appearing in Glastonbury this year! The striking print is quite light, and there are many different options available in stores such as ISAWITFIRST and River Island. Here are our best choices to help you stand out from the crowd.

Cobalt blue zebra wrapped front midi dress – £ 35

Multi-woven play suit with giraffe print with steering wheel – £ 25

Leopard suit with leopard print – £ 10

Cream Animal Print Utility Playsuit – £ 45

Yellow jumpsuit with snake band – £ 38

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